Does Sodexo Hire Felons?

Sodexo is a French Company that offers food service management, quality control, and other food industry services. They operate worldwide providing opportunities for international work.

Most felons deserve a second chance at life. They deserve to be able to make an honest living. Employed felons are less likely to repeatedly commit crimes.

About Sodexo

Sodexo’s mission is to improve the quality of life. Sodexo is a key player in the foodservice industry. They offer food service management and other services in the industry. read more

Does Nordstrom Hire Felons?

Nordstrom is a large chain retailer of high-end products. They were founded in Northwest America over 100 years ago. They have over 300 stores across the nation, with the majority of them in the western half of America.

Felons are people too and they have financial obligations. Depending on the severity of crime and conditions of release they should have a fair chance.

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an American chain of high-end department stores. They have brick and mortar stores and several online stores as well. They are well known all over the world. read more

Does Macys Hire Felons?

Macys is an American owned department store, offering high-end merchandise across the nations. They have an online store as well as brick and mortar stores across the nation. They are a large chain retailer.

Felons are not lifetime criminals. Many deserve a chance to be employed and try for a better life.

About Macys

Macy’s is a high-end American owned department store. They are one of the nation’s premier fashion retailers. They have designer labels and on point jewelry.

Macys was founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. It was founded in New York, New York. Macys can be found in the U.S. Puerto Rico and Gaum. read more

Does Valvoline Hire Felons?

Valvoline manufactures and distributes motor oil and other automotive fluids. They have a chain of services centers offering quick oil changes. They are an American corporation founded in the North East region of the United States.

People are not perfect; they make mistakes and they caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The best chance a felon has to not be a career criminal is a second chance. A second chance at life, and decent employment.

About Valvoline

Valvoline is a manufacturer and distributor of motor oil, additives, and lubricants. They also own instant oil change and express care chains. read more

Does Trans Am Trucking Hire Felons?

TransAm Trucking is a company that employs truck drivers to haul freight. They believe that “trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people.”

Felons deserve the right to employment, especially because of how crucial it is to the process of rebuilding your life. Companies like TransAm give felons that chance.

About TransAm Trucking

TransAm’s truck drivers haul temperature-controlled freight across the Midwest, Mid-South, Northeast, and Southeast United States. They pride themselves on their customer service and safe, on-time delivery of freight. read more

Does Safelite Hire Felons?

Safelite is an automobile glass repair company. If glass in your vehicle needs to be replaced, you can either go to one of their locations to have it done or a MobileGlassShop can come to you.

Felons deserve to find employment that can help them reestablish their independence. Though it can be a challenging process, it is an important part of moving past any criminal history.

About Safelite

Safelite repairs and replaces windshields and windows in vehicles. They also provide services related to windshields and windows, including wiper replacement, power window repair, and safety system recalibration. read more

Does Darden Restaurants Hire Felons?

Darden Restaurants is the overarching company home to several well-known restaurants, including Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. For over 80 years, Darden Restaurants has aimed to serve great food and drinks with equally great customer service.

For felons looking to get back on their feet, finding employment is crucial to success. The restaurant industry has many positions available to help do just that.

About Darden Restaurants

Darden owns eight different restaurant brands: Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, Bahama Breeze, and Eddie V’s. Each brand has its own distinct character and taste. read more

Does Circle K Hire Felons?

Circle K is a chain of convenience stores that has locations worldwide. Whether you’re stopping in for one of their “Polar Pop” beverages or a snack for the road, Circle K has everything you need on the go.

Felons deserve a chance to get employed and reestablish their independence. Though it can be a challenging process, it is an important that one stays positive during this process.

About Circle K

Circle K is one of the most recognized convenience store brands—even mentioned in pop culture hits like “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Their stores offer a variety of snacks, beverages, personal care items, and car care items for customers making a quick stop for gas or stocking up for a road trip. read more

Does Burlington Hire Felons?

Burlington is a US discount clothing and home goods retailer formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory. They offer designer and name-brand items at up to 60% off normal retail price.

It is important for felons to find employment that helps them move past their criminal record and rebuild their lives. The independence that comes from proper employment is a crucial part of reentering society.

About Burlington

Burlington is a retail store that specializes in discounted designer and name-brand items. When they began as Burlington Coat Factory, their primary focus was off-price coats, but they have since expanded to include clothing and home goods. read more

Does Sysco Hire Felons?

Sysco is an American based wholesale company that focuses on building partnerships by selling, marketing, and distributing products and food to establishments and companies such as restaurants, and facilities.

Felons are people with felony convictions on their records. While some felonies may be expunged from a criminal record, this is not a guarantee for all cases. This is often a hindrance to employment and employment is an essential factor in starting a new life. When felons are denied employment they are also being denied a second chance which many tend to overlook. read more