Does ADM Hire Felons?

The Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) company works with food processing. They want to find answers to end the global food issues we have today. They do this through testing and making food.

Felons deserve a second chance to prove their worth. After serving time, they will need to prove to society that they deserve another chance. This is what learning a new skill working at ADM can bring them.

About ADM

ADM’s main purpose is to turn crops into food for millions of customers around the world. Not only do they process food to feed to starving people and animals. They produce vital products to help keep crops growing and energy produced worldwide.

ADM started in 1902 under the name Daniels Licensing Company. After becoming ADM years later, they had their grain area in 1927. After growing, they now have their main office in Chicago.

ADM has plenty of awards in recent years. Two are the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies List in 2019 and the Forbes Best Employers List in 2018. They also won awards in 2017 and 2016 for being innovative and diverse.

ADM works with 40,000 employees in almost 200 countries. They offer many health, financial, and family benefits. Some of these include college help and parental leave.

Based on our research, many employees say working at ADM is great. The feedback focused on work experience, management, and pay. Employees also like the potential to grow.

Does ADM Hire Felons?

After conducting some research, it appears that ADM does hire felons. But, they only hire felons depending on the type of crime they have committed.

When hiring felons, companies focus on smaller crimes. Small charges would be more looked over than felonies sometimes. It’s best to talk to ADM about this too.

Does ADM Run Background Checks?

According to many articles, ADM does run background checks. These checks are to pick the best people to drive their mission.

There are areas that everyone has to meet. They view the person’s last seven years of criminal activity and past employment. They also see their education earned.

Careers At ADM

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to job choices. There’s a job for everyone here.

One job is an Elevator Worker. They are responsible for maintaining and keeping up the workspace. They also have to unload rail cars and trucks and help with other duties.

Another job is Loader. They are responsible for moving rail cars and trucks. They also have to adjust pipes and valves to get products into storage tanks.

Next is the Packager job. Their job is to package products and learn the packaging materials. They also have to learn the packaging rules of the company.

Then, there’s the Mixer Operator. They are responsible for working the mixer and using it for many work assignments.

Finally, there’s the Fleet Deckhead position. They have to help the captain with sea duties. They also have to help other crew members with their assignments.

Application Process At ADM

Applying at ADM is not a hard process. All you have to do is go to and click the link for the location you want to work for. From there, you can look and apply to any job that catches your attention. and meets your requirements.

ADM is looking for people willing to work above and beyond expectations. Thus, you have to show them while they’re interviewing you. That way, they’ll always consider you first.

Also, it’s best to always be honest about your past. In this industry, there is no room for lying and deceit. Honesty is what will take you far in this company, so make sure they know about you and your past experiences.

Try to learn about the food processing industry before going into your interview. Employers love when people already have an idea of what the industry and job are about.

When you get a job at ADM, always maintain a positive attitude and a strong work ethic every day. Being a model employee can help you climb the ladder and have a great career in your life. Always start from day one.

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