Does Alorica Hire Felons?

Alorica is a company that runs call centers and customer support. They help with all parts of customer relations for other companies. This article is about Alorica’s felon hiring policies.

Felons have made mistakes, but they go to prison to make up for them. When somebody gets out of prison, they should be ready to return to society. Having a job is a big part of that.

About Alorica

Alorica solves problems for customers. They have clients in many fields, and help with all aspects of the customer experience. This includes digital solutions and analytics. They also help with customer relations and financial solutions.

Chairman and CEO Andy Lee runs this company. He was one of the first people to make a new cloud-based platform. That platform became today’s company

The company has over 100,000 employees in 120 locations in 14 countries. Their website lists many awards. They most recently got the 2019 BPO of the Year award.

Perks include paid training with flexible schedules. Jobs may have medical and dental benefits. The company also offers paid leave. They have options to plan retirement. Clients may have employee discounts.

People like working at Alorica because the people there are nice. The office feels like a home. This company hires people of different backgrounds, and promotes from within. This means one can make this a career.

Does Alorica Hire Felons?

The company website does not say if they hire felons. They have hired felons in the past, according to several online sources.
Alorica has hired some felons, but rejected others. They have also taken away job offers when they learned about a felony. The type of felony may be part of the reason for this.

Does Alorica Run Background Checks?

We looked at Alorica’s job postings and found that they run background checks. That said, the process was not described in detail on their website.

Several online sources show that Alorica does background checks after hiring somebody. They look for felonies, but may do a more detailed check for some jobs.

Careers at Alorica

Most people start by working in call centers. Common jobs are recruitment, customer service, captioning, facilities management, and work-at-home customer service.

Talent acquisition recruiters find new workers. They do this through job listings in newspapers, social media, or elsewhere. They also create recruiting plans.

Customer service workers offer customer support. This involves assisting clients with a range of issues. It requires them to be helpful and calm, and to know when to send the caller to their boss.

Captioning specialists type conversations for people with hearing loss. They must copy what the representative is saying as they are saying it.

Facilities managers handle all aspects of building maintenance. They do physical work and manage repairs. This includes overseeing workers and estimating costs.

Work at home representatives are customer service representatives. They need a reliable landline and internet connection to work at home. Workers take online orders, answer questions, and sell products or services.

Application Process at Alorica

To apply, go to Fill in your location or other information in the drop-down menus at the top of the page. To work from home, choose the job category “Work at Home Agents.”

It is important to be honest, since Alorica does background checks. They have fired people for lying about a criminal background. Lying could also affect the chances of promotion.

To apply online, you will likely fill out an application rather than a resume. If you have limited experience, that is okay. Show them that you are willing to learn.

Past applicants say the interview will likely be some online questions. They may also speak to you in person. If asked to explain your felony arrest, tell the truth.

Based on testimonials from Alorica’s website, they hire people for their merit. Many people work their way up in the company by putting in a lot of effort and passion.

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