Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Amazon is a multinational corporation providing goods to people all over the world. From books to household goods and more, this company has everything to offer, even careers.

If you’re applying for jobs with a felony, you may have already figured out that it is a daunting task. Society may treat you like you don’t have the option to re-acclimate into society, but you haven’t.

About Amazon

The company not only sells products, but they also sell convenience and entertainment. Everything from electronics to food, the company has dominated the online global market.

Amazon began with a small goal of selling books in the mid-1990s. Jeff Bezos had a small idea that turned into an online shopping empire.

In 2018, Amazon hit over $1 trillion in profits, along with many awards for value and access. The company has many awards from LinkedIn and Forbes for the way they treat their employees.

Working for Amazon full-time means that you will medical coverage benefits. It also means that you’ll get help with things like childcare and college tuition.

Amazon is a great place to work for those who want good pay and decent benefits. With the ability to grow within the company and to earn a living, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Does Amazon Hire Felons?

Amazon does not state a policy on hiring felons. Evidence supports that the company will consider hiring you.

The application process will ask about your previous criminal history. This does not apply if you live in a place that has “Ban the Box” policies. These regulations mean you can apply for a job without disclosing your past.

Does Amazon Run Background Checks?

Once you’ve applied and interviewed, you will submit to a background check. This will explore your past for any arrests and convictions.

Depending on your state’s law, the background check may go back several years. Your chances of success will depend on your crime, how long ago it was, and whether you completed your sentence.

Careers at Amazon

There are several opportunities for you once hired. Whether you have a fulfillment center in your area, or you have internet access, work may not be too far away.

A company with as much inventory as Amazon will need good warehouse workers. Warehouse workers have hourly paid jobs and work flexible schedules. Operating a forklift may be a part of your required job duties in this role so you may need permits or licenses.

The company offers a personal shopper option to consumers. You can apply to shop for others in Amazon-owned grocery stores or the warehouse.

With a 2-day delivery, the company needs drivers. You may need to get a CDL to drive the vehicles necessary. This job will allow you to travel and make a decent hourly wage.

For those of you who have internet access, you may want to look into “At-Home” jobs with the company. Go to to see what jobs are available for you.

Assuming you do well in your position, you may be able to move up to management. This will pay you more money and give you more opportunities for your future.

Application Process at Amazon

To begin a career, you can visit On the home page, you have the option to search for different jobs like a warehouse or remote openings.

Once you’ve decided on which job you’d like to apply for, you can create an Amazon job account. This is important because you can track your job progress and return to check for updates.

Applying for any job means showing the best parts of yourself and your experience. Create a resume that outlines any accomplishments and past jobs you may have had. If you have to check a box stating that you are a felon, it is a good idea to add any programs that have applicable job skills.

Once you’ve completed the application and the interview you will have to take a Drug Test. Ensure that you are free of any illegal substances to ensure you get the job.

You can apply online, or you can apply through a temp-agency. Although you won’t have benefits with this type, you may move to full-time positions.

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