Does Applebees Hire Felons?

Applebee’s is an American restaurant franchise with locations throughout the United States. They specialize in typical American-style dishes such as salads, burgers, ribs and pasta.

For many felons, discrimination based on their past crimes can be a barrier to finding a job. This is unfortunate, as many former felons are hard working individuals, eager to contribute to their communities. By hiring felons, companies are fighting back against this discrimination and allowing people to make a living for themselves and their loved ones.

About Applebee’s

Applebee’s is a casual dining franchise of restaurants, located throughout the United States. Their image centers on being a family-friendly, laid-back dining experience with simple American food staples.

The first Applebee’s was opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980 by Bill and TJ Palmer. They developed Applebee’s around the idea that good food, great service, and great value would be a hit with customers looking to dine in a laid-back restaurant setting.

They were right. Applebee’s now has over 2,000 locations throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. With over 28,000 employees, the franchise restaurant has grown into a successful business by anyone’s standards.

Employees of Applebee’s can be eligible to receive benefits such as meal discounts during shifts, paid time off, 401(k) savings, health insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance.

Employees of Applebee’s often talk about the flexible schedules, as well as the availability of overtime hours, when discussing why they enjoy working there. They also mention the fun and supportive work atmosphere.

Does Applebee’s Hire Felons?

Based on our research, it appears that Applebee’s will hire employees with a felony record. This means that  a job candidate will not be automatically disqualified for having a criminal record.

As with all companies, hiring policies may change over time. Currently, Applebee’s takes a number of different factors into consideration when hiring an employee, not just their criminal history.

Does Applebee’s run background checks?

Being that Applebee’s is a franchise, whether or not they run a background check can depend on the owner of that particular franchise and its location. Based on our research, some franchise locations will require a background check for all positions, whereas others may require a background check for management positions only.

If a background check is requested, they will look into any criminal history at least within the past seven year. The amount of years they look back can depend on the state they are located in, which you can look up through an online search.

Careers At Applebee’s

Working at Applebee’s might be a good choice for someone who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and considers themselves a people person. If that sounds like you, Applebee’s might be a place to consider working. Below are 5 common jobs you may find available at an Applebee’s near you.

Kitchen Staff: Responsibilities include cooking and preparing food items according to Applebee’s recipes and specifications, completing assigned prep work, setting up workstations, cleaning and sanitizing work areas, and other related tasks.

To-Go Staff: Responsibilities include delivering food and drinks to guests’ car, greeting guests, answering guest questions and making suggestions, and other related tasks.

Cleaning Crew: Responsibilities include sanitizing and cleaning restaurant dining areas, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchen areas, being able to lift and use standard cleaning items, and other related tasks.

Server: Responsibilities include greeting guests and answering questions, taking orders and imputing them into restaurant system, delivering food and drinks to guests, and other related tasks.

Expo: Responsibilities include receiving incoming food orders, being the middle person between service and kitchen staff, completing the plating of food according to Applebee’s standards, and other related tasks.

Application Process At Applebee’s

If you are interested in applying to a job at Applebee’s, head online to and search available positions near you. From there, you can fill out an application online. Another option is to go in-person to the restaurant and tell them of your interest of working there. In some instances, you can apply on the spot and even interview that day or soon after.

It is important to dress professionally when showing up for your interview or going in-person to ask about job openings. This shows that you take the job seriously and are a mature candidate.

Be honest about your experience, or lack of experience in the restaurant industry. For many entry-level restaurant positions, experience is preferred but not required. Having a positive attitude and being eager to learn can go a long way!

During your interview, remember to shake hands with the hiring manager when meeting them and keeping a positive attitude throughout the interview. Being a people person is an important quality for the restaurant industry.

It is never a good idea to lie on a job application or during your interview. If the topic of past crimes does come up, be honest about what happened and focus on explaining how you have changed for the better since then.

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