Does Aramark Hire Felons?

Aramark is a company that performs faculty, food, and uniform services. They have a heavy focus on quality and sustainability.

Felons need help to get back on their feet. Employers need to consider hiring them so they can earn the money they need. If they cannot get work they will not get support.

About Aramark

Aramark is a food vending company. They create food for businesses and schools. They also sell uniforms and give faculty assistance. They operate food service locations at different businesses like colleges, stadiums, and prisons.

The company was started by Davre Davidson when he began selling food out of his car. It expanded to a food vending company that he ran with his brother. This business would become Aramark.

Aramark has won many awards for diversity in the workplace. They are also on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. They have over 270,000 employees.

Aramark offers its employers extensive health benefits. They have special well-being programs for their employees. In recent years they started offering tuition help.

Employees love Aramark’s well-being focused culture. They like the company’s diverse and welcoming environment. They appreciate how the company values their health mentally and physically.

Does Aramark Hire Felons?

I looked on Aramark’s website and they did not indicate if they would hire a felon. I went on outside websites to find an answer. Nothing I found was definitive.

It looks like they might be willing to hire a felon. But they also might not be willing to hire a felon. It probably depends on the location.

Does Aramark Do Background Checks?

Again when I looked on Aramark’s website they do not mention background checks. When I looked on other websites it looks like they do. But, this is not definitive information.

I could not find when the background check is performed. It will most likely be performed after an interview. The content of the background check could depend on your state.

Careers At Aramark

Aramark hires for a variety of jobs. Many of these jobs are located in other businesses. You would still work for Aramark. They promote a diverse workplace. They emphasize the well-being of their employees.

They have a regular Retail position. You would stock and process inventory. You would also interact with and help costumers. You would also help clean and maintain the store location

They also hire employees to work at their food vending locations at other businesses. These jobs would include running food, taking orders, and preparing food.

They hire drivers to transport their vehicles. You would be driving their cars on and off location. You would also perform maintenance on the vehicles.

They also have many warehouse positions available. You would transport material from warehouses to other businesses. You would even receive and inventory incoming materials

Application Process at Aramark

Aramark lets you search and apply for positions on their website. You can upload your resume to their website. After receiving your information they will reach out if they want to interview.

A good thing to highlight when applying at Aramark is food service experience. Since they are a food-based company they would value food experience.

During the interview ask them why a diverse workforce is important to them. It shows you share their values. They can see you fitting in their environment.

Make sure you come to the interview clean and put together. You want to show you have good hygiene if you want to work in foodservice.

You should also try to find good references. Find former employers or teachers that would highlight why you would be a good employee.

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