Does Best Buy Hire Felons?

Best Buy is a U.S. consumer electronics retail store that started out as an audio specialty store.  They have since added the sale of all electronic devices, including cellular phones and plans from most major providers, and access to their in-house repair services. They have also grown to operate internationally in Canada and Mexico.

It can be difficult for those with a felony conviction to return to the workplace.  After having served their debt to society, many people expect felons to jump back into the workforce but don’t make it easy for them.

About Best Buy

Sound of Music was founded in 1966 by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler as an audio store. It was then re-branded as Best Buy in 1983 when they broadened the product line to add VCR’s and appliances and has continued to grow ever since.

Best Buy has received many awards from both Forbes and Fortune magazine getting named company of the year in 2004.  According to Yahoo Finance, Best Buy is the largest specialty retailer in the United States for consumer electronics.

Best Buy offers employees a host of benefits, ranging from competitive pay and 401 K to paid leave and health insurance. They also offer savings and tuition assistance to their employees.

After researching online, anyone who is interested in tech and electronics should find this job highly engaging.  Even if tech is not your thing, they offer a fun and active work environment where you can constantly learn.

Does Best Buy Hire Felons?

It seems that Best Buy does hire felons. They place certain restrictions. It will be especially difficult for a felon to get hired if they were convicted of theft due to the expensive nature of the inventory.

After a period of about seven years, most things seem to be excusable.

Does Best Buy run background checks?

As with most businesses, Best Buy runs a background check when you’re initially hired.  They do this to ensure the safety of their inventory. They will not hire people with theft.

After the initial application, and during the interview process, you’ll be asked questions to clarify the nature of the conviction.  They’re looking for honesty and integrity.  Felons that have had a clean record for over seven years have a higher chance of being considered for employment

Careers At Best Buy

Best Buy offers several entry-level positions that will fit not only those just entering the workforce but those re-entering the workforce.  They offer employment that is both challenging and informative. The in-store job opportunities include sales, technical support, and customer service.  They also have warehouse positions in various locations.

The customer service representatives are on the front line.  They are responsible for meeting and greeting the customer, answering questions, directing them to sales departments, and running the register.

Each department has its own set of sales representatives.  They’re responsible for knowing their products inside and out and being able to relay that knowledge to the customer.  They also carry the responsibility of helping the store meet set sales goals.

Each store also has its own dedicated repair department called Geek Squad.  Their first goal is to help troubleshoot any customer complaints with devices that are purchased in-store.  Second, they focus on the installation of home theater and car stereo systems.  They have a mobile unit that will troubleshoot and repair issues in a customers’ home.

As part of Best Buy’s fulfillment and inventory, they have multiple warehouses throughout North America.  At these warehouses, they have positions ranging from a forklift operator to a merchandise processer.  They fulfill all inventory ordered to stores as well as customer online orders.

Application Process At Best Buy

To apply at Best Buy go to Select the job that might interest you.  Once you have started the application, you can apply for other positions within the company.

While the company’s hiring process is rather strict, a felony will not immediately get your application rejected. The more time that has passed since your conviction, the better.

After filling out the application, go into the store that you applied to and ask for the hiring manager.  If the manager has time, speak with them and explain your situation. Make sure you come dressed for the occasion and ready to interview just in case.

Be proactive. It is better to take the initiative and show that you want the position.

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