Does Big Lots Hire Felons?

Big Lots is an American retail store chain. They sell lots of discounted items including houseware, food, and furniture. Their stores have a variety of unique stock.

We should give felons the chance to reenter society. If we give them jobs we can help them to become better members of society.

About Big Lots

Big Lots is a retail chain with stores across the US. They have headquarters in Columbus Ohio. They sell consumer goods at discount prices.

Sol Shenk founded the chain in the 1960s. Originally the company owned many stores with different names. Later all the stores consolidated under the name Big Lots.

Big Lots is a large growing company. They have over 1400 store locations. They have stores in 47 of the 50 states. It does not look like they have any notable awards.

The company gives their employees lots of health benefits. They offer paid sick days. They even provide help with tuition.

Their employees like the benefits they receive. They like how the company pushes their creativity and give them responsibility.

Does Big Lots Hire Felons?

On their website, Big Lots lists themselves as an Equal Opportunity Employer. They also say that they will still consider someone if they have a criminal record.

This does not mean Big Lots will always hire felons. It does mean that there is a chance that they would hire you.

Does Big Lots Run Background Checks?

Big Lots does not say anything about background checks. I searched online to see if I could find anything. Nothing I could find is definitive.

Some former employees have said they do. They do not say what kind of checks they run. Since this information does not come from Big Lots it might be untrue.

Careers At Big Lots

Big Lots offers many careers in its stores and distribution centers. They offer full and part-time work with the opportunity to advance.

Their Store Associate/Stocker Position can be full or part-time. It can also be an overnight position. You would work with customers as well as help stock the store.

The Lead Support Associate is a step up from the regular Associate. You would help manage the store while managers are not at the store. Most of the day to day work would be like a regular Associate.

Their Industrial Housekeeper Position is a full-time job at their distribution center. You would clean different areas in the Distribution Center. You would use a variety of equipment to clean.

The Material Handler is another position in the Distribution Center. You would process material then stock and distribute it.

They also have many Assistant Manager Positions. You would work directly under management. You would have the opportunity to move up into this position.

Application Process At Big Lots

First, you will search for a position near you with their job search. Then you will apply online for the position. You will have to create an account for this. You can also sign up to get job alerts if you do not see anything that fits you.

Big Lots values the communities their stores are in. You should mention any volunteer work you do during your interview. It shows you also value the community.

Most of their jobs need a GED. You should make sure to list your education on your resume. If you have any college education you do not need high school information.

Before the interview practice your handshake and greeting. Get a friend to help you. You want to look friendly and confident.

If you do not see a position that fits you sign up for alerts. This way you can see when something is available and you can apply quickly.

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