Does BNSF Hire Felons?

BNSF operates the largest commercial locomotive companies in the United States. Providing commercial transportation for various industries in the United States.

As a felon it is rough finding stable work. Even more so with nearly every company running background checks and being hesitant to hire anyone with a record.

About BNSF

BNSF operates as one of the largest freight transportation companies and provides their clients with a fast and efficient means to move their goods and service across the country.

BNSF has been operating for 160 years which is astoundingly long. Spanning back into history the first rail systems were laid out along cattle trails and wagon trains. Laying these rails made moving materials and people faster than ever before became the cornerstone of our great country as it is today.

BNSF boasts over 400 different rail lines throughout the country and is one of the oldest companies in American history. Little can be found as far as founders and key people involved in the company as the date it was formed is so old.

Benefits at BNSF vary from virtual doctor and nursing services, healthcare insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k) and health spending accounts. These services alone make BNSF a great employer.

People enjoy working here because aside from the benefits packages and other perks they are working for a historically rich company that truly cares about its employees.

Does BNSF Hire Felons?

BNSF can and will hire a felon according to their website, however, they emphasize honesty. Be honest with them and tell them what you have done. They also want to hear if you have any other convictions for small things such as seatbelt violations, speeding and reckless driving.

Though they will hire felons they are very specific about what you are applying for compared to your criminal record. For example, you will not be operating a vehicle most likely if you have a reckless driving ding on your record.

Does BNSF Run Background Checks?

Yes, BNSF will always run a background check. The span of that check goes back seven years although felony convictions that were suspended will always show up regardless of the seven years.

As stated on the company’s website, honesty is what they are looking for. A felony does not mean you won’t get hired. The felony simply determines where they place you.

Careers at BNSF

Working at BNSF can be very rewarding since they have a high satisfaction rating among their employees. Positions at BNSF are very technical but can be learned. Here are a few positions that can get your foot in the door.

Facility Worker

As a facility worker you will be expected to do some heavy work. Some technical skills are required for the position, but they will train the right person. Welding, lifting, operating machinery and knowledge of electrical circuitry is a plus.

Clerk-Material Expediter

This position will require the willingness to work hard physically and mentally as there is a fair amount of computer work to be done as well. Inspection of heavy equipment, track crossings, and logging your inspections into the computer system will be required.

Track Maintenance (Multiple Locations)

This a great position to get your foot in the door with. This is a labor-intensive position that could require some travel depending on the region you are working. Duties include repairing and rebuilding track and use of equipment and power tools.

Claims Representative Trainee

In this position you will be groomed for promotion later in your career. You will be taught the intricacies of verifying claims brought to and against BNSF through lawsuit or insurance. Knowledge of computers is a must as well as customer service skills.

Corporate Audit Services

In this position you will be required to ensure that safety regulations are being adhered to throughout the country. This requires very strong computer and communication skills. A history of data entry will go a long way here.

Application Process at BNSF

Applying with BNSF is easy and informative. Simply head to their careers page here and start browsing jobs. There are many to choose from regardless of your expertise.

BNSF states in their policy that they will hire felons and that you will not be turned down because of your felony. However, they do ask that you are honest with them about your felony so do not lie. The background check will show it anyways so it may as well come from you.

The felony is going to come up in your interview and that is alright. Simply be honest with them and explain that it was a mistake that you made in the past that is not to be repeated. BNSF believes in safety above all else so when they look at your felony, they are looking for reasons you may not be safe.

There are a few things that can help you at BNSF and one of them is that the work is hard. Very demanding both physically and mentally. Based on research many people do not make the cut and leave BNSF. This hard work is something to be aware of when entering the company.

In the interview try to highlight your strengths that are specific to the position you applied for. If you are a welder, tell them about some of the more complicated projects you have worked on etc.

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