Does Burlington Hire Felons?

Burlington is a US discount clothing and home goods retailer formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory. They offer designer and name-brand items at up to 60% off normal retail price.

It is important for felons to find employment that helps them move past their criminal record and rebuild their lives. The independence that comes from proper employment is a crucial part of reentering society.

About Burlington

Burlington is a retail store that specializes in discounted designer and name-brand items. When they began as Burlington Coat Factory, their primary focus was off-price coats, but they have since expanded to include clothing and home goods.

Burlington was technically started in 1924 as a suit and coat wholesaler, but in 1972 the first off-price outlet known as Burlington Coat Factory began in Burlington, New Jersey. The company was family-led. As the brand expanded to more than just coats, the name was changed to better represent their wide product range.

Burlington now has well over 600 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico with over 36,000 employees. They have received several awards naming them a “Great Place To Work.”

Many of the employees at Burlington are eligible for their sizable benefits packages, which include health insurance (with vision and dental), pet insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) matching program, and many internal awards and recognitions.

People enjoy working at Burlington because of their teamwork-centered atmosphere. Burlington aims to be a supportive and fun place to work for all of its associates.

Does Burlington Hire Felons?

According to our sources, Burlington may hire felons on a case-by-case basis. Some former employees report being hired despite their felonies, so this may vary by location.

It may be likely that certain details of your criminal record, such as the amount of time passed since your last conviction, may affect your chances of being hired.

Does Burlington Run Background Checks?

Our sources suggest that Burlington does run background checks, though this may also vary by location. The specifics of the background checks may also vary depending on local laws, but some former employees report background checks that go back five years.

Overall, you can most likely expect a background check when applying to Burlington. Pre-employment drug tests are also possible.

Careers At Burlington

The majority of entry-level careers at Burlington are in their retail stores. However, there are also a few distribution centers that require warehouse associates.

Cashier Associates are expected to provide customer service and check customers out at the cash register. They also process exchanges and returns. Occasionally, other tasks around the store will be required.

Ideal applicants are positive and outgoing, and are able to deal with a fast-paced environment. A flexible schedule is necessary.

Retail Receiving Associates help receive and process freight shipments to get products out on the sales floor. They also help stock and organize merchandise on the sales floor.

Must be able to lift 40 lbs. or more, and flexible schedule required. Strong organizational skills are helpful in this position.

Distribution Center Associates could be involved in a number of steps in the distribution process, including loading, storing, and ticketing boxes of merchandise. They may also put together pallets or operate forklifts and other equipment. Must be able to lift 40 lbs or more.

Application Process at Burlington

Applying at Burlington is easy. From, you can filter search results by area or job title/category. From there, you can click on each job to read its job description page. Click “Apply Now” to fill out an application.

Be honest when filling out your application. It is not a good idea to hide past felonies, because background checks will likely bring up anything that you do not mention.

Most of Burlington’s available jobs are at their retail stores, which means a lot of customer service. If applying for one of these positions, make sure to emphasize your positive attitude and people skills.

You may be asked several questions about how to deal with difficult customers or coworkers. If you prepare for these questions ahead of time with answers that highlight your problem-solving skills and team player attitude, your answers will likely impress the interviewer.

No matter what position you are applying for, any work experience that requires teamwork should be mentioned. This shows Burlington that you are likely to be a good addition to their team-driven company.

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