Does Cintas Hire Felons?

Cintas is a company that makes and distributes many products for service industries. They make client logo uniforms, linens, floor mats, signage, and banners. Cintas also provides cleaning, safety, and maintenance services to its customers. If a business needs a product, Cintas makes and provides them.

Rehabilitated felons deserve to have a good job. They have the right to wed, have children, attend school and should also able to work. A convicted felon has a right to earn money and pursue a career. Unemployment and poverty increase the risk of criminal activity. Having both the responsibility of a job and money can ensure they have stability. Employment also provides a way for felons to reenter and serve their communities.

About Cintas

Cintas provides many services and products for businesses. They supply corporate logo uniforms, entry mats, promotional materials, and signage. They also provide first aid boxes, first aid stations, anti-slip flooring solutions, and fire safety products, including training. Cintas also provides cleaning services to their clients.

Cintas Corporation started in 1929 as a laundry service that collected chemical cleaning rags and returned them washed. Richard “Doc” Farmer started the company and to this day, the Farmers still run the company. The product line expanded over the decades. By 1972, it did much more than industrial laundry services and provided a wide range of services and products to commercial clients.

Cintas’ value was 12.7 million in 2017 and has over 35,000 employees. It has over 1 million customers. Cintas has six manufacturing plants and has eight distribution centers. There are 400 Cintas facilities. Cintas is one of Fortune Magazines’ “Most Admired Companies” for the past eight years. They have won awards for their diversity initiatives and providing jobs for veterans. Cintas was on the reality television shows Hotel Impossible and Bar Rescue.

Cintas provides “employee-partners” with exceptional benefits packages. They offer competitive wages, pay employees weekly, and provide affordable medical, dental and vision insurance benefit packages to their employees. Cintas offers 401K and profit-sharing plans along with employee stock options so employees can invest and grow with Cintas. They also offer employees paid holidays, time off and employee help programs. Another Cintas employee benefit is short and long-term disability insurance to protect workers and families in case of illness or accident.

Cintas is a very diverse company and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Cintas provides a workplace that represents all walks of life. The excellent benefits package also makes people like working for Cintas. Cintas allows people to build careers and helps their workers have retirement funds.  That diversity means Cintas does not discriminate.

Does Cintas Hire Felons?

According to multiple online sources, Cintas does hire people with felony convictions. They assert they do not discriminate on their corporate website. Depending on the position, type of conviction, and other factors, felons are eligible. There are certain positions that Cintas will not hire a felon for.

There are even felons that have achieved supervisory and management positions after employment of several years according to our research. They check applications on a case by case basis, and some states and divisions have different policies and requirements. Cintas seems to believe that felons can integrate themselves into society and can contribute to their company in some positions and it is best to mention it in the interview.

Does Cintas run background checks?

Cintas does run a background check after you have been through preliminary interviews. They also do mandatory drug testing. Background checks and drug testing are only done for candidates they are considering hiring. After your phone and first in-person interview, they will check your references and do a thorough background check. You will have a chance to address anything found in your background check.

Careers at Cintas

Cintas provides employment opportunities in manufacturing, sales, service and other related areas. With 400 Cintas facilities, there are many different career opportunities with Cintas.

Maintenance Trainees are often sought. Cintas provides on-the-job training to teach trainees to install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot Cintas industrial equipment. Maintenance trainees learn to fix washers, dryers, conveyor belts, and other machinery, as well as do housekeeping to keep a factory clean, safe and operating properly.

Warehouse Associate jobs such as Mat Rollers assure that all customer carpeted floor mats are properly processed and stored. Mat Rollers take laundered mats and operate the machine where they get rolled up and packaged for transportation. The mat roller is a physically demanding position.

Production Folders – Garment/Linen/Bulk prepare bundles of laundered and pressed clothing for customers. Some folding is by garment folding machines and some are folded by hand. Folders must meet the criteria for inventory control and accountability and occasional cleaning of the folding area.

Production- Loader/Unloaders at Cintas help load Cintas produced products into the trucks for delivery and unload them at distribution centers. Cintas makes customer logo and branded uniforms, floor mats (carpet and rubber) and cleaning supplies. Paper goods and restroom supplies such as towels, soap and other goods as well as mops, brooms and other items get loaded and unloaded in a shift.

Garment Hanger/Inspectors hang customer orders on hangers before they are sent into a machine for pressing. The Hanger/Inspector is responsible for making sure all uniforms are undamaged and professional-looking. They inspect for damage, stains, zipper damage, and for any holes, snags, and tears in the fabric.

Application Process at Cintas

To apply for a job at Cintas, you can apply as instructed by local classifieds or can search for local openings and apply online at

The best way to get a job at Cintas is, to be honest. If you are trying to return to society and have a job for stability, do not lie on your application. Lying on an application and then discovered to be a felon only once they have run the background check have wasted your time and that of the company. Answer all questions on the application honestly and show you are trustworthy.

When interviewed, it is likely your first interview will be a phone interview, it is best to mention you a convicted felon, that you have served your time and rehabilitated. By letting them know, they can decide if you are still eligible for the job you are applying for.

If you have any skills that you learned during your rehabilitation such as laundry machine maintenance, housekeeping, electronic repairs, machine operation, or any other skills that are applicable to the job in question, these should be on your resume. Useful skills learned in prison may give you an advantage as you will have some experience in industrial-scale laundries or in repair shops.

Make sure your references are good. Cintas does check your references and having people who will vouch for you and recommend you will hurry and increase your chances of a job offer. Having current accurate contact information for your references or written letters of reference to provide at an interview is essential. By following the advice offered, you may have a better success.

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