Does Circle K Hire Felons?

Circle K is a chain of convenience stores that has locations worldwide. Whether you’re stopping in for one of their “Polar Pop” beverages or a snack for the road, Circle K has everything you need on the go.

Felons deserve a chance to get employed and reestablish their independence. Though it can be a challenging process, it is an important that one stays positive during this process.

About Circle K

Circle K is one of the most recognized convenience store brands—even mentioned in pop culture hits like “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Their stores offer a variety of snacks, beverages, personal care items, and car care items for customers making a quick stop for gas or stocking up for a road trip.

According to the Circle K website, the company began when in 1951, Fred Harvey purchased three Kay’s Food Stores in El Paso, Texas. He expanded the company throughout the southwestern United States, and it eventually grew exponentially through a string of acquisitions as well as a franchise program.

Circle K now has locations in over 25 countries, and they employ over 130,000 people across 16,000 store locations. They are perhaps best known for their “Polar Pops,” soft drinks offered in sizes up to 52 ounces and priced at or under a dollar.

Circle K offers health insurance packages to its employees, as well as life insurance and accident/disability insurance. They also have a 401(k) matching program and paid time off for full-time employees. Part-time employees may not have access to all benefits options.

People who enjoy a laid-back atmosphere will likely enjoy working at Circle K. Former employees report enjoying working with their teammates.

Does Circle K Hire Felons?

Our sources suggest that depending on the details of the criminal record, Circle K will hire felons. Theft related charges may be taken more seriously and could lower chances of hiring, but even that may not be a definite disqualifier.

It is also possible that violent crimes may affect your hiring chances for customer service positions, but again, none of our research suggests immediate disqualification for felonies.

Does Circle K Run Background Checks?

Yes, it appears that Circle K does run background checks. This may vary by location, but our research strongly suggests that applicants can expect a background check when applying.

The specifics of the background check may vary by location. Many states have different requirements for how thorough background checks should be.

Careers At Circle K

The majority of job positions available at Circle K are for their cashier/customer service related positions. However, there are a few other options for those with other skill sets.

Stockers work with in-store displays and stock merchandise. They also help with receiving deliveries and maintaining inventory. The job involves lifting and carrying occasionally heavy items, so the physical requirements of the job should be taken into consideration.

Customer Service Representatives check out customers at the cash register while providing good customer service. They also help with inventory and receiving deliveries.

Lead Customer Service Representatives perform all of the duties of a customer service representative, but also train new employees and supervise the store during their shifts.

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) Representatives perform all of the same duties as a customer service representative does, but for the food service part of Circle K. They must also complete daily site reports.

Service and Maintenance Technicians repair and maintain equipment in Circle K locations. Their repairs and services may include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, and working with gas equipment.

Application Process At Circle K

To apply to Circle K, go to You can search by keyword or location, or just click “View All Jobs at Circle K.” You can then use the panels on the left to narrow your search.

Customer service is a big part of working at Circle K, so it is important to show that you are good with people if applying for a job there. Convenience stores have a wide range of customers, so knowing how to deal with difficult customers is crucial to job success.

It is important to be honest about any felonies you have on your record, especially if your location requires thorough background checks. When explaining to the interviewer, be positive and show how your past has helped you grow into the person sitting in front of them.

On your resume, list any customer service, retail, or food service experience you have. These are all positions that show why Circle K should trust you to handle their customers.

Many convenience stores need people who can work odd hours. If you are willing to take late night, holiday, or early morning shifts, mention that in your interview as well. There may be a time slot an interviewer is desperate to fill, and this may help your chances.

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