Does Conduent Hire Felons?

Conduent is the most significant Business Process Services (BPS) company in the world. They target businesses and governments.

In 2019, approximately 24 million (8% of the USA’s population) Americans are felons. Our world today grants various opportunities for Americans from all backgrounds. That’s the American Dream, right? Wrong. That principle doesn’t apply to felons. Those poor souls served due time behind bars for their mistakes, earning them their second chance, but we don’t treat them along those lines.

About Conduent

Conduent Inc. is a third-party company. It evaluates employers’ medical, dental, and vision benefits and acts accordingly. The company also provides financial services such as pension, 401k, etc.

It was established in January 2017 after Xerox officially announced that it would be splitting into two companies. Conduent soon became the largest Business Process Services (BPS) company the world has ever seen. Carl Icahn is the company owner. Cliff Skelton is the CEO, appointed in August 2019.

Conduent won an award for Top Rated Managers of 2017. The fortune 500 company has generated over $6.6 billion in revenue in 2019. It employs over 60,000 employees around the globe.

The company yields many benefits to its hardworking employees. Medical, dental, and vision plans, 401k retirement plan, paid time off, and discount services for retail purchases, travel, electronics, banking, etc. are a few of the advantages of working at Conduent.

But pretty as the discount services look, the employees arrive at their desks every morning because the company values them. Conduent’s values and goals (Trust, Speed, Agility, Openness, Inclusiveness, Leadership, Teamwork) resemble theirs.

Does Conduent Hire Felons?

Conduent is not known to hire convicted felons. It operates a thorough background check on all applicants. They have a massive reputation to maintain as the biggest business services company in the world is no easy task.

Various online sources say, former employees were fired, and proposals have been withdrawn due to insubstantial third-degree misdemeanors. Although, in the past, Conduent  has hired employees with misdemeanors; it has not yet hired any convicted felons.

Does Conduent  Run Background Checks?

Conduent  does indeed run background checks on their applicants. The background check will disclose the following:

  • Driving Records
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Military Records
  • Medical Records
  • State License Records
  • Former Employment
  • Sex Offenses
  • Credit History

The background check is performed before the applicant’s final interview. The company takes its background tests very seriously, it requires the applicant’s fingerprint along with a drug test, requiring that the applicant be present in a diagnosis lab to provide a urine and blood sample.

Careers at Conduent

Conduent  offers work of all kinds, the services it provides for its customers, demands several different facilities.

Positions at Conduent :

  • Banking- Financial analysis of business activity and development of business plans.
  • Customer Service- Deliver appropriate and standard information requested.
  • Sales Marketing- Write proposals, other writing concerning business.
  • Information Technology (IT)- Handle and update documentation, solve database issues.
  • General Management- Must be exceptional at oral presentation and communication ability 

They prefer applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, and previous experience in their area of expertise.

Application Process at Conduent

There are various jobs all over the world. Available jobs can be searched for at jobs.Conduent .com

The interview process at Conduent  goes as you’d guess, after thoroughly examining your resume, they’ll ask follow-up questions to assure you’re a good fit. The hiring process may vary, it will depend on which job you’re applying for.

Expungement is a great idea! Your state determines what crimes are expungeable, but diminutive crimes can usually be expunged.

Things to keep in mind:

Don’t lie. It is very tempting to be dishonest and answer “no”, but your employer can procure records that date back as far as possible, and if it turns out you’re lying, it’s over.

Stay calm. If the issue comes up, tell the truth. We exist in a world now where; employers will understand and try to accommodate situations like these.

Communicate. This is one of the actions that will heighten your odds of victory, Voice your concern to your employer. It is important to be true and straightforward from the very beginning, don’t let it become an issue in the future.

Experience. If you’ve had a similar job in the past, let them know. Conduent  prefers experienced applicants.

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