Does Denny’s Hire Felons?

Denny’s is an American Diner-style restaurant. Denny’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Most restaurant locations are open 24 hours a day. Denny’s is also known for being open on Holidays when most other restaurants are closed.

Once a felon is reintroduced into society, it can be hard to find work. Even though they have served their required time, there is sometimes a negative reputation that can follow a felon forever. Everyone makes mistakes, but everyone is also capable of self improvement.

About Denny’s

Denny’s is a restaurant franchise. They offer a comforting diner-style atmosphere and simple, American style food.

Denny’s was founded in 1953. The idea for the business was started by two men named Harold Butler and Richard Jezak.

The restaurant was originally a small donut shop called “Danny’s Donuts” that the two men partnered in.The name was later changed to Denny’s.

Denny’s has over 1,700 locations nationwide, and they are known for offering breakfast, lunch and dinner at all hours. In the year 2000, Denny’s was made number 1 on Fortune Magazine’s list of “America’s 50 best companies for minorities.” Denny’s also participates in numerous fundraising events to feed hungry children across the country.

Denny’s employees are offered benefits that can include health insurance coverage and employee discounts. They also offer paid vacation time for some employees after they have worked there for a certain period of time.

People enjoy working at Denny’s because it has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The business offers employees the chance to grow in their career, and also to help out people in the community.

Does Denny’s Hire Felons?

Based on online research, it appears that Denny’s does hire workers who have a previous felony. As to be expected, the decision can vary depending on the circumstances.

Many restaurants are known to have a relaxed policy about hiring previous felons. Denny’s will most likely consider a felon for employment without issue.

Does Denny’s Run Background Checks?

According to online sources, Denny’s will run a basic background check. This will usually take place after the applicant’s initial interview. This may vary by location.

Even though Denny’s will perform standard background checks, it seems as though they do not discriminate against people with felony charges. Keep in mind that the company may change their policies at any time.

Careers At Denny’s

If applying at Denny’s, You will most likely be handling food. No matter what position You work  in, there’s a good chance you will be preparing food , cooking it, or presenting it to the customers. A few of the employment opportunities are listed below.

A line cook would be responsible for preparing and cooking the food. This would include preparing menu items for customers while following all proper food safety practices. 

A server at Denny’s would be responsible for delivering food to the customers. Servers are expected to keep the customers happy and satisfied with their dining experience. Servers also handle payments once customers have finished their meals.

If You were to work in a Chef’s position at Denny’s, Your role would be similar to that of a line cook but with more responsibility. You might place food orders, take temperatures, and handle staffing and scheduling for the kitchen crew.

Bussers are a vital part of any restaurant. They clear dishes from tables, wipe down the tables to get them cleaned for the next guests, and deliver dishes to the dishwasher.

Dishwashing is not the most glorious job, but no restaurant can operate without one. To be a dishwasher You would be in charge of making sure every dish in the restaurant is clean and sanitized.

Application Process At Denny’s

To apply for a job at Denny’s, stop in at your local Denny’s restaurant and fill out an application and introduce yourself to a manager. If You are planning to apply online, You can do so at

It is always important to fill your application out correctly and neatly. Double check your spelling, and also make sure You write down your phone number and email legibly.

If You have a resume on hand, or if You have the time to write one up before applying, this makes you look more professional and tells the employer that you are serious about finding a job.

Put any previous work experience on your application and resume. Having restaurant or food handling experience would be to your benefit. If you don’t have restaurant experience, present yourself as if you are eager and willing to learn new things.

Always be honest on your employment applications as well as during interviews. If there are some things in your past that You aren’t proud of, don’t stress about it. What matters now is that you are trying to do the right thing by entering the workforce and gaining some new experience.

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