Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

Putting your life together after your conviction may seem like an impossible task. Before your crime, you may have wanted to have a career in another industry. Now you’re starting over and need to find reliable income.

This means finding a job that will allow you to take care of your responsibilities. Being convicted of a crime does not mean that your life is over.

About Dollar General

Dollar General is a company based in the U.S. that offers a variety of low-cost merchandise. A retailer that is well-known in most places. There are many opportunities for jobs.

Years after opening their first store, in 1955, the first Dollar General Store opened. Offering goods to farming communities the store flourished. It became a franchise with over 16,000 stores operating in the United States.

Dollar General will offer you benefits. The company employees get retirement packages, health insurance, and even legal help.

For many people the benefits of company-paid training and stable income are great. If you are taking care of responsibilities outside of work, Dollar General may be the perfect job for you.

Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

Although Dollar General does not regulate the hiring of felons it may be difficult for you to get the job. Getting the job with a felony may depend on where and when you’re applying.

It will be up to your hiring manager to assess the risk to the company versus the benefit of hiring you. If your felony had something to do with theft you will not appear to be a good candidate.

Does Dollar General Run Background Checks?

Dollar General will run your information in a background check to uncover crimes. While waiting for the results you will need to be patient, forums show that the check can take two weeks.

The results get uploaded into the company’s hiring database for the manager to view. Once received you will get a phone call letting you know if you got the job.

Careers at Dollar General

With Dollar General stores all over the United States, there are a lot of job opportunities. The stores allow their employees to advance from entry-level to management.

Starting at Dollar General you may begin as a customer associate. This means that you are running the cash register, helping customers, and/or stocking.

Once you’ve proven yourself, you may become a Lead Sales Associate. You will get training and prepare for management.

The next step for your career is the store’s Assistant Manager. You will be in charge of other employees and help your Store Manager with leadership tasks.

When the opportunity is right you may take over the store as Store Manager. This means that you will handle all responsibilities and lead your team to success.

If you’d like to go further than Store Manager work to become a Training Manager or even a District Manager. Through hard work and time spent proving yourself, you can have a full career with Dollar General.

Application Process at Dollar General

Dollar General offers the ability to apply online at their website at You have the option to search by job title, store number, or zip code for opportunities. You will also need to create an account for your application.

Once you select the job, you’re interested in the site will take you to the option to submit your resume. A resume is a formal document that you create with your past work experience and special skills.

You will have to prove that you can load/unload trucks and follow instructions. You’ll work with cash and merchandise, customers, and need to understand basic math. The job of a Sales Associate is great for those entering the workforce.

Dollar General prefers to hire people who they know are going to perform well in many areas of the store. When creating your resume focus on integrity and customer service.

Once you apply, you will need to submit information for a background check. It is vital to your success that you are upfront about your past crimes. If asked, be accountable and honest about your past.

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