Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons?

Dollar Tree is a chain of discount retail stores. They sell a large variety of items for a dollar or less. They have stores across the country.

Once they are released it is important to give felons the same rights they had before their sentence. This includes giving them the opportunity to work.

About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree sells retail goods for a dollar or less. They sell a wide range of products like groceries, cleaning supplies, and houseware.

Macon Brock, Doug Perry, and K.R. Perry founded what would become Dollar Tree in the 1970s. It expanded into a large chain of stores.

Dollar Tree has over 15,000 stores across the country. They have over 180,000 associates. They are a Fortune 200 company.

Dollar Tree gives lots of benefits to its employees. They give health care, paid vacation, retirement help, travel benefits, and many other benefits.

Employees like that Dollar Tree encourages them to move up in the company. They like how the company values them.

Does Dollar Tree Hire Felons?

They do not say if they hire felons but it looks like they do. I had to look at other sites to find this information. Because I could not get this information from the company it may not be correct.

There are many people who say they were felons and that Dollar Tree hired them. It does seem like they may be selective of who they hire based on the type of crime.

Does Dollar Run Background Checks?

Again Dollar Tree does not say if they run background checks either. I looked around on different sites but could not find anything definitive. I am not sure if they run checks or what kind they run.

Some employees say that they only run background checks on managers. I could not find what they check. If they do they will most likely look at criminal records, credit, and driving records.

Careers At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree wants driven people who represent their core values. They value attitude, judgment, and commitment.

The main position they fill is a Store Associate. The Store Associate works directly with customers in Dollar Tree stores.

In this position, you would sell products, stock products, and help customers. Store Associates are the face of the company.

There are many lower-level management positions as well. They range from Assistant Store Management to District Management. Employees can move up from Store Associate to these positions.

They also hire in their warehouses. They have a Warehouse Associate Position. You would work distributing products from their warehouses.

The warehouses also need managers. They have a Distribution Center Department Manager. This is also a position you could move up to from Associate.

Application Process At Dollar Tree

When you apply for a job at Dollar Tree you need to make an online account. Then you will find the position you want to apply for. Finally, you will submit your resume and wait to hear back.

During the interview, you should make sure you dress well. You want to have the employer’s respect so you should wear business casual clothing.

You should also make sure your resume looks clean and professional. There are many organizations that will help you fix up your resume.

When they interview you should bring up experience connected to their core values. This helps them see you as a good fit for the company

If you do get hired, Dollar Tree values hard work. If you show drive you may get the chance to move up in the company.

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