Does Dominos Hire Felons?

Dominos Pizza is one of the cornerstone pizza delivery services in the world with a total of 14,000 pizza restaurants in over 85 countries across the world.

Being a felon is tough. You made a mistake and now finding and gaining meaningful employment is difficult and tiresome because employers are skeptical about hiring you.

About Dominos

Dominos markets in the pizza and fast food industry offering customers a way to order hot and ready to eat food from the comfort of their own home. Pizza is not the only products they offer though, anything from pizza to sandwiches to wings make their menu appealing and appetizing for customers.

Dominos opened its first restaurant location in 1960. Founded by Thomas Monaghan when he bought a pizzeria in Michigan, he transformed that restaurant into Dominos Pizza. He catered to college students at the local university.

Dominos pizza is considered one of the largest delivery restaurants in the world, along with contenders such as Papa Johns and Pizza Hut. At 14,000 stores across the world and an employee count of 15,000 corporate employees and 135,000 franchise employees it has one of the largest employment rates of any delivery restaurant company.

For being a modest pizza delivery company, Dominos offers some good benefits. Benefits ranging from 401(k), paid holidays, paid sick leave, meal discounts, flexible schedule and life insurance. Comparatively, this benefit package is on par with their competitors as well.

Most people working here seem to be social people. As you will get quite a bit of facetime with the customer. Other employees have rated the benefits offered as being above average for the most part and the tips seem to be quite good as well.

Does Dominos Hire Felons?

Based on research Dominos can and will hire a felon depending on several factors such as, how much experience you are bringing to the table, what your felony is for and how long it has been since your conviction.

It is important to understand that the company wants to cover itself from a liability standpoint and will take a chance on hiring someone if they feel as if they are worth the risk.

Does Dominos Run Background Checks?

From multiple sources online we can determine that yes, they will likely run a full background check as well as other safety measures. This is normal of most companies and can be overcome with a little honesty and being upfront.

Background checks can be difficult to overcome but there are things that you can do to have a better shot at that job. Honesty and being upfront can go a long way towards getting hired.

Careers at Dominos

Working at Dominos is going to be fast paced. Keeping up with orders and customers demands are going to be the primary responsibilities required of you but there are also several other tasks that you will be assigned as well.

Pizza Delivery Driver: A pizza delivery driver’s main responsibility is to get the customers order out and delivered on time. Included in these responsibilities are also checking for order accuracy before leaving to deliver to a customer, kitchen responsibilities such as dishes and pizza making and working the from counter from time to time.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative at dominos is the face you see when you walk in the door. Your duties are primarily to greet the customer and take orders, but you will also be trained to work in the kitchen making pizza.

Warehouse Lead: There are other jobs at dominos as well, working at one of their large warehouses for example. While working in this role you are responsible for getting orders loaded on trucks and on their way to the stores. Lifting and equipment operation are a must for this position as well as teamwork.

Delivery Expert: When delivering in an area where driving the food is not an option or it is not efficient Dominos will call in the Delivery Expert. Duties for this position are identical to the delivery driver position with the exception that you will be walking or biking the pizza to the customers door. You will also be required to do regular kitchen work such as dishes, pizza making and dealing with the public from time to time.

Pizza Maker: The pizza maker position requires attention to detail and strong memorization skills. This position is important in the accuracy process as the pizza maker is the first one to handle the product. As with any position in a Dominos location you are expected to perform other tasks such as cleaning and dishes.

Application Process at Dominos

Applying with Dominos is rather straight forward, just head over to their careers page here and search for any open positions in your area or with the company as a whole.

They are going to do a background check on you most likely. While this is a challenge to overcome there are a few things that you can do to tip the balance a little more in your favor.

If the felony is brought up in an interview do not panic. Simply state that it was a mistake and that you are not that person anymore. Reassure them that you are a hard worker and that the criminal record will in no way affect your work performance.

It is important to be truthful both when applying and during the interview. Integrity speaks loudly when looking for work and the employer will see this as an integrity move.

When crafting your resume, it is important to highlight experience that is pertinent to the job you are applying for. This means that you may have to rearrange you resume to fit a certain position.

Application Links

Dominos Main Web Page- Dominos

Dominos Careers Page- Careers

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