Does Doordash Hire Felons?

Doordash is a food delivery service that allows people to order food using their website or mobile app and have it delivered by Doordash drivers. It is the main competitor of other food delivery services, GrubHub and Ubereats.

When a convicted felon has served their time and has been rehabilitated, they need a job so they can earn money. Ex-convicts that cannot find work often return to criminal activities and become repeat offenders, destroying all prospects they have for returning to society and having agency in their lives. It is important that people who not discriminated against after release so they can have a better quality of life.

About Doordash

Doordash is a food delivery service that lets drivers use their own car to deliver foods from participating restaurants. Orders are placed online or via the Doordash App and then assigned to an available driver (a Dasher”) who goes and picks up the food order and delivers it to the home of the business of the customer. Dashers can be tipped within the ap.

Doordash started in 2013 by Stanford University students Andy and Stanley Tang, Evan Moore and Tony Xu in Palo Alto, California. They realized that students and workers needed to have access to more delivery foods than just pizza and Chinese food.

Doordash operates in 4,000 cities. Food is available from 340,000 locations in the US and Canada. It is the largest third-party food delivery service provider in the world, delivering more food than GrubHub. DoorDash is worth $13 Million as of 2019.

Doordash Corporate clients have benefits, but drivers are considered independent contractors. Doordash corporate employees have medical, dental and vision insurance, gym and fitness allowances reimbursed up to $75/month, and vacation and sick days. Doordash offers competitive wages with yearly performance reviews that can lead to raises. Drivers have flexible hours and can use their own without any requirements other than a valid license and insurance.

Many people like the freedom of a gig economy because it gives them the freedom to work when they want and take time off when needed. Dashers set their own schedules and drive their own cars so all that is needed is a reliable car to start.

Does DoorDash Hire Felons?

DoorDash appears to allow felons to work for them according to considerable research. Multiple online users report that Doordash evaluates applications individually and will consider non-violent felons or felons that have proven themselves to be rehabilitated.

In cities where there is a high demand for food delivery, DoorDash is reported on multiple online sources to have more lenient hiring policies. DoorDash is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has non-discrimination policies on its website.

Does Door Dash Run Background Checks?

Doordash does run background checks. All applicants must submit to a background check. It typically takes two weeks from applying to be approved as a Dasher or not offered the ability to work for DoorDash. Our research could not show what type of background check Doordash does but there are claims online that people were refused a job for major traffic violations.

Other claims are people stating they work at Doordash claim they have had a felony conviction and were still able to be hired. Research indicates they do a background check that covers just the last seven-year period. Their website does not give any details on the background checks. There are no credit checks. Drug testing is not listed on the Doordash applicant requirements.

Careers at Doordash

There are always Dasher positions at Doordash. Corporate jobs are at multiple locations.

Dashers are the heart and foundation of Doordash. Doordash drivers pick up food and provide deliveries to customers in the area. Doordash drivers have flexible schedules and can earn as much as they want whenever they want according to the job description. No educational requirements are required but a clean driving record is.

Dasher Experience Specialists help drivers sign up, encourage and support Dashers in their area serve as a source of information and help answer Dasher issues. It requires good people and communication skills. Doordash specialists make sure the company has well-trained and motivated Dashers. Bilingual candidates are favored. Some experience is required.

Warehouse Associates work at the DoorDash warehouses that supply Doordash drivers and service users with materials. Warehouse Associates receive the product from all deliveries. Do warehouse tasks including picking, packing, and staging orders. Warehouse workers also do organization and housekeeping in the warehouse. Some Windows computer skills are needed, as is a high school diploma or GED.

Facilities Coordinator helps run and maintain DoorDash offices. They organize, create cubes, set up and break down meeting spaces, sort, and process mail and do various office-related tasks to ensure that the employees are comfortable and productive in the office. They also get repairs done or ordered. It is a part maintenance/part administration job.

Merchant Services is a sale-related position that welcomes new merchants to Doordash, teaches them what to expect, and ensures their satisfaction having their food delivered by DoorDash. If a restaurant or merchant is signing up, this is the person they speak with. It requires great social skills and the willingness to work nights, holidays and various shifts as merchants sign up 24/7 with Doordash.

Application Process at Doordash

Doordash has separate pages to apply for their corporate positions and to become a Doordash driver. Corporate jobs are applied for online at For signing up to do food delivery, applicants use Create an account and follow the instructions.

Never try to cover up that you have a felony in your record as it will be exposed when you have your background check done if it is more recent or in states that never clear records of background checks. Being truthful always benefits you and improves your opportunities to be hired.

Doordash doesn’t interview Dashers but instead uses their app and online applicant accounts to keep up to the minute on their application process. For Doordash jobs in warehouses or offices, there are interviews and being familiar with Doordash and their products is essential to get the job. Doordash wants people who know about Doordash already.

Doordash likes positive attitudes and people who are willing to work hard. Dashers especially are expected to “hustle” but they like that trait in their entire company culture. If you show you understand the company and what it values, you have a good advantage over applicants who do not understand the hectic world of food delivery.

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