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Expert Global solutions was a privately owned company. In 2016 the company was acquired and integrated into Alorica. For this article, we will focus on Alorica and its hiring practices.

We do our best to research and determine felon-friendly employers. Research shows that former felons are more likely to remain great members of our communities with steady, full-time work.

Below we will discuss if Expert Global Solutions (Alorica) is a felon-friendly employer.

About Alorica

Alorica is a business outsourcing company focused on customer satisfaction services. Alorica is the largest company of its kind serving in the US.

Entrepreneur and businessman Andy Lee built the first cloud-based customer contact applications in 1999. This small application would soon grow to become the foundation for Alorica.

Alorica now employs more than 100,000 employees! These employees work in 120 different locations across 14 countries.

The company’s employees enjoy many benefits from their employment. These include insurance, 401(k), and paid time off!

Many of the company’s employees enjoy their time working at Alorica. Employee reviews highlight the pay and work-life balance as reasons why they enjoy working for the company.

Does Alorica Hire Felons?

We use a variety of internet sources and company material to find the most reliable answers. This method also ensures we keep our readers as up-to-date as possible.

According to our research, Alorica is a felon-friendly employer. However, this may vary depending on the felony and the position.

Does Alorica Run Background Checks?

Yes, Alorica does run background checks on potential employees. The company requests you send all the necessary information over after offering you a position.

Alorica sends the background information to a 3rd party compliance organization for completion. This process can take up to 10 days.

Careers at Alorica

With over 100 locations, Alorica is always looking for new talent. Many employees find working for Alorica rewarding both personally and for their careers.

Customer Service Representative is a full-time and part-time position at Alorica. The job requires a high-school diploma and familiarity with Microsoft Windows.

Talent Acquisition Recruiters are responsible for identifying and recruiting new talent. Candidates need at least a high-school diploma and some experience in human resources.

If you have experience and are interested in being on the front-end of hiring, the Trainer position may be for you. This position requires a high-school diploma and two years of call center experience.

Sales Representatives are similar to Customer Service Representatives in responsibilities. This position requires candidates to maintain confidentiality and to have proficient computer skills.

The last position we would like to highlight is the Workforce Associate. This position assists team managers in supervising the workflow of team members. Candidates need a high-school diploma and at least two years of call center experience.

Application Process at Alorica

Applying to Alorica is very easy. Those interested can head over to the website, or head directly to the career page by clicking here.

The application process for Alorica is simple but is longer than some expect. Be sure to remain patient throughout the entire process.

Remember to also be as open and honest about your background as possible. Alorica is a felon-friendly employer. Be ready to have a conversation about your past. Interviewers are people too, and they understand mistakes happen. Lying, however, may lead to disqualification.

Lastly, Alorica positions require constant use of a computer and phone. Be sure to brush up on these skills before heading into an interview. This way, you are prepared for any computer test they may throw at you.

That is it! With this information at hand, you are ready to ace any application, and interview Alorica can throw at you!

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