Does Family Dollar Hire Felons?

Retail jobs are often preferred because they allow you to work different shifts. Family Dollar is a well-known retail store that offers affordable merchandise.

You may have a felony, but society is beginning to shift in a way that allows you to get your life back. A felony should not be a life sentence, if you’re looking for work then keep reading. Family Dollar jobs may interest you.

About Family Dollar

Family Dollar is a retail store that offers a variety of goods. The stores are simple and convenient making them a great place to stop and shop.

Leon Levine started Family Dollar in 1959 in North Carolina. Before opening the doors, he worked for his parent’s store and wanted to open his own with a customer focus.

The company opened its 8,000th store in the US in 2013. Two years later, Family Dollar merged with retail giant Dollar Tree in 2015. Jobs for both are available in many places.

Family Dollar will offer you health, dental, and life insurance. You will also have access to the Employee Assistance Program. Paid time off and virtual medical visits with this company are more benefits for you.

According to some websites, Family Dollar has good ratings from employees. The company tends to be a friendly environment that will work around your schedule.

Does Family Dollar Hire Felons?

Family Dollar does not advertise any policies or programs on the hiring of felons. Based on several online forums and research, the company does welcome all to apply for jobs.

The company will then take your conviction into account before denying you employment. If you have experience and a great work attitude your chances of getting the job are fair.

Does Family Dollar Run Background Checks?

Family Dollar will run a background check as part of the hiring process. The background can go back several years and explore any criminal history that you have.

Based on research, if the background check reveals any theft or fraud charges you will not get the job. The check can take anywhere from 2-7 days depending on how far back in goes and how many places you’ve lived.

Careers at Family Dollar

The company’s website will host several job opportunities. You have the option to work in a store or a distribution center if there’s one near you.

The Family Dollar and Dollar Tree distribution centers offer warehouse-type employment. You can start in management if you have previous experience and leading a team is appealing.

A General Warehouse Associate handles loading and unloading products. You’ll also be responsible for checking the merchandise and operating heavy machinery.

When working in the warehouse you will work in a specific department. If your job requires you to drive a forklift you’ll need a special license.

If you’d like to work in a retail store you can become a Store Associate. You can also work your way to management from this role.

A store associate stocks merchandise and runs the cash register. Another responsibility is making a great experience for customers visiting the store.

Application Process at Family Dollar

You can go online to the Family Dollar website and put in your application at You will have the option to search for store, distribution or corporate jobs.

The application website is a combination of jobs for both Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. You can check the store locator for jobs nearest you.

You will fill out a questionnaire with your personal information and experience. Once submitted you will receive a phone call for an interview request.

Resources show that the interview process is short and reasonable. It is up to your hiring manager to find the best talent to fit their needs so interview questions may differ. If your conviction comes up be forthcoming with your information. Show that you are honorable regardless of your past.

Be prepared to answer questions about why you’re a better candidate for the job than others. This can be because of your experience, work ethic, or desire to succeed.

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