Does Gamestop Hire Felons?

GameStop is a video game, gaming electronics and merchandising retail chain based in the United States. They are a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest video game retailer.

In order to successfully re-enter their communities, felons need to build stable and fulfilling lives for themselves. A big part of this can be finding employment, which can provide them with income and purpose. Felons deserve the chance to be considered for employment, without being discriminated against because of past crimes.

About GameStop

GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer, with locations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. They are known for selling new and pre-owned video games, video game consoles, and related accessories.

GameStop was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1984. It was originally opened under the name Babbage’s before it was sold to Barnes & Noble in 1999 and merged with Funco. In 2000, the merged company changed its name to GameStop, which it is still known as today.

GameStop became a huge success after launching their now famous buy-sell-trade program for games and game consoles. There are over 5,700 GameStop is spread throughout 14 different countries. They have over 53,000 employees.

GameStop employee benefits include medical coverage, vision and dental coverage, prescription drug coverage, flexible spending accounts, paid time off, short and long-term disability, 401(k) with company match, employee discounts, and opportunities for skills and career development.

Many employees of GameStop are avid gamers and enjoy the employee discounts they receive as an employment perk. Employees also say that working at GameStop is a fun environment and there a good benefits for full-time employees. 

Does GameStop Hire Felons?

Based on our research, it is unclear if every GameStop location will hire felons. Their website does not state anything related to hiring felons, and other websites that give the opinion of current and former employees give mixed answers.

With that being said, it could be possible to work at GameStop with a felony but may depend more on the hiring manager and the type of felony that was committed.

Does GameStop run background checks?

Yes, GameStop does run background checks on their employees. This is done before an employee can begin working for the company.

The background check will look for any previous crimes committed within a certain time period. How far the store goes back in a background check may vary based on the store or their location.

Careers At GameStop

GameStop can be a fun place to work if you enjoy video games and getting to discuss different aspects of gaming with customers. Below are 5 of the most common jobs you may find available at a GameStop near you.

Guest Advisor: Responsibilities include greeting guests, answering customer questions, making product suggestions, answering store phone calls, promoting store programs and sales, selling items to customers, and other related tasks.

Senior Guest Advisor: Responsibilities include providing guests with great customer service, assisting with supervising staff, as Leaders with inventory and restocking, and other related tasks.

Assistant Store Leader: Responsibilities include processing guest returns, promoting store benefits, assisting in supervising staff, assisting in training store associates, and other related tasks.

Shipping Associate: This is a warehouse position with responsibilities that include processing internet orders, cleaning electronic devices, erasing all data found in delivered electronic devices, and other related tasks.

Kitting Associate: This is a distribution center position with responsibilities that include properly packing refurbished game systems, controllers, cable, and accessories, and other related tasks.

Application Process At GameStop

If you are interested in applying to a job at GameStop, you can go online and apply at For a store associate position, it can also be helpful to go into the store first and express your interest to the manager shortly before or after applying.

You may be asked to call the store you applied to after completing the online application, so that they know to look at your application. This is especially true if you have gone into the store before applying and spoken to the hiring manager about a position there.

When going in for an interview, you may be asked questions related to your previous work experience and any experience or interest you have in gaming. Not knowing about gaming consoles won’t disqualify you, as long as you express your openness to learning about store offerings so that you can best help customers.

Be sure to arrive on time to your interview and to dress professionally. This shows that you respect the store manager’s time and that you take applying for a job there seriously.

If the application or the hiring manager asks about your criminal history, it is best not to lie. GameStop does perform background checks, so being caught in a lie would most likely disqualify you from a job there. Instead, be honest about any past crimes. Be sure to briefly explain the crime, how long ago it was, and what you learned from the experience. Keep your explanation short, then get back to discussing how you would be an excellent employee at their company.

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