Does iQor Hire Felons?

iQor is a bpo (business process outsourcing) company that is headquartered in Florida and provides services such as customer care and interactions, and third party collections and accounts receivable management.

Outsourcing is a growing field of work that could always use more employees. However, many felons in the United States are declined the opportunity to work despite their rights to employment. Felons should also be given the same opportunity to work in order to turn their lives around.

About iQor

iQor specializes in different fields in order to provide a wide range of services worldwide. Popular services offered by iQor are financial services, consumer electronics, and call center services.

iQor was founded in 1998 and is operated today under CEO Gary Praznik. With over 45,000 employees in 60 facilities worldwide, iQor operates in 8 different countries. Over the years, iQor has been recognized for high ranking leadership, training,and internship programs.

Working at iQor entails being on the receiving end of a variety of employee benefits such as 401k, paid leave, paid parental leave, and paid sick leave. Other perks of working with iQor includes a casual dress atmosphere and sometimes even free goods such as beverages while working.

People enjoy working at iQor for a variety of reasons, not just because of the pay, perks, and employee benefits. iQor offers a productive workspace for their employees which they enjoy. The management, scheduling, and provided commodities are what make people enjoy working at iQor.

Does iQor Hire Felons?

After analyzing employee and previous employee feedback, it appears that iQor does hire felons. While most hiring is done on a case to case basis, there have been many testimonies stating that they were hired despite having a felony on their record.

While iQor does hire felons, there are limits as to what charges are acceptable and which are not. Most people get hired with misdemeanors or felonies that have lasted over 7-10 years, which is the duration of the standard background check.

Does iQor Run Background Checks?

Like most companies, iQor does run background checks. Standard background checks run back seven years and look at all criminal activity regardless of the time frame. iQor runs an extensive background check that differs slightly from the standard.

Apart from a standard background check that looks into criminal activity, previous addresses, and other general information, iQor also drug tests as a part of their screening process. This is typically done through a urine analysis.

Careers at iQor

iQor runs a growing and global operation and are best known for their call centers. There are many positions available for call center agents as this is a growing field in high demand. By going to iQor’s website you can be redirected to their careers page and see the openings available near you.

Call Center Agents. The primary job of a call center agent is to provide customer support through the phone. iQor offers customer care services to a variety of different companies in different fields.

Call center agents must have customer service skills. Aside from being knowledgeable in their departments, it is imperative that agents are able to handle customers in a manner that will yield cooperation and satisfaction.

In order to be a call center agent at iQor, a high school diploma or equivalent GED is the only requirement in terms of educational attainment. Prior job experience in retail is also a plus, as that is most related to the services iQor supplies.

This job position also requires that agents are able to sit or stand for long periods of time, and in some cases even help lift or move items and packages of up to 10lbs.

Call center agents are essential to keeping the operation running and are the core foundation of iQor. Within this position, it is also important to value sportsmanship with the right amount of competitive edge in order to practice first call success, wherein customer needs are met and satisfied upon first call.

Application Process at iQor

Application links for iQor are available through their careers page. Click here to access iQor’s career page wherein you can find openings near you, and conduct further research regarding what these job positions entail.

In order to submit an online application to work at iQor, you will need to register for an account by using your email. If you do not already have a professional or business email, it is advised to create one. It should be simple with your first name and last name or identifying initials included.

After creating an account to apply for a job, browse for the jobs available and read the job descriptions. This is important because you will want to cater your resume to better align with the job position you are applying for.

The first step of the hiring process after applying, would be a phone interview. When taking a phone interview, make sure that the room you are in is quiet. Be sure to excuse yourself if you have to. Be firm and watch your tone, as it is your first impression.

After passing a phone interview comes the in person interview which may be conducted several times depending on the position and who is available. Be sure to observe proper grooming and confidence. After passing the interview process, follows a series of background checks, tests, and orientations.

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