Does JB Hunt Hire Felons?

JB Hunt is a large trucking company that handles all types of transportation needs. They handle and ship pretty much any consumer product that you can buy.

If you have a felony finding a decant job that also offers security can be the first step towards a normal life. It may also lead to a brighter future for you as well.

Who is JB Hunt?

JB Hunt is one of the largest names in the transportation industry, handling everything from base materials to finished product, delivering it all over the place. With its base in Lowell, AR,  JB Hunt is a shipping giant.

JB Hunt was founded in August of 1961, by Johnnie Hunt. At the time Mr. Hunt only had twelve trucks. Today JB Hunt operates around twelve-thousand trucks and a hundred-thousand container/trailers, moving consumer products from state to state and even parts of Mexico and Canada.

JB Hunt offers a long list of benefits to their drivers. You can participate in their health, financial, and training benefits, which can be arranged to fit your needs.

Employees have plenty of great things to say about the company. They enjoy that they are seen as people, offered an exceptional support team and the ability to move up through the company.

Does JB Hunt Hire Felons?

As with a lot of companies, it seems that JB Hunt will take a chance on a person that has a felony. The felony must not interfere with the requirements of the position.

Being mindful of the position requirements can help you choose a position that your felony won’t have much impact on. If you’re not sure if you qualify there is nothing wrong with calling and asking about the position that you are interested in.

Careers at JB Hunt

With all the different positions that is offered finding the right one for you may be easier than you think. Let’s take a look at a few of these positions you may be able to apply for.

Local Truck Driver

Being a local driver sounds exactly what it means. All your deliveries are within 100 mile radius from your home office. This position may also mean that you could be home every night.

Regional Truck Driver

Being a regional driver usually means that you cover a three to four state area. This position may ask that you are away from home a few night a week.

Straight Truck Driver

This position has the same task as you would see for a delivery driver. Your deliveries are all within your city, doesn’t require that you have a CDL, and you are home every night.

Heavy Duty Mechanic

If driving a truck doesn’t sound like the position for you and you have a mechanical back ground then you might consider applying for a mechanics position. You would be preforming up keep on fleet trucks, changing tires and completing mantiance checks.

Application Process at JB Hunt

Most applications are done online and then followed up by either a phone call or an email. Applicants are then asked to attend an orientation to continue the application process.

During orientation is when you will fill out the rest of the needed paperwork. They will also collect all personal documentation that is needed from you as well. You may also undergo the training that may be needed during the orientation process.

While at orientation it is a good ideal to bring enough money to cover any needs that you may have while you go through the orientation process. Should you be hired you will also need a few changes of clothes and cover meals until you receive your first paycheck.

You will be sent to one of their chosen clinics to undergo a DOT health check and be issued a medical card. Passing this physical is a must in order to be eligible for hire. You may also be asked to take a drug test at this time as well.

As you go through orientation and information is received you will be informed as to whether or not JB Hunt has a place for you. They do require a lot during the hiring phase but if you get the job then it is all worth it.

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