Does Johnson Controls Hire Felons?

Johnson Controls provides HVAC, security, and fire detection equipment for buildings around the world. They now also provide automation and “smart” equipment. They are always looking to innovate and transform how buildings function.

Felons need proper employment to achieve the independence needed to move on from their past. Employment is crucial to success in our society, and felons deserve the right to employment just as much as any other person.

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls provides equipment that makes buildings better, smarter, safer, and more secure. Their HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) equipment and fire detection equipment ensure that buildings are comfortable and safe, while their security equipment ranges from cybersecurity to intruder prevention.

Warren Johnson, an inventor whose goal was to find new ways to use and protect energy resources, launched Johnson Controls in Wisconsin in 1885. His first invention in 1883 was a temperature-control device now known as an electric room thermostat.

From its humble Wisconsin beginnings, Johnson Controls has now grown to a Fortune Global 500 company with over 2,000 locations worldwide employing 105,000 people. They have received several awards for their sustainability and ethics initiatives.

Benefits at Johnson Controls appear to vary by position, but our sources suggest that many, if not all, employees get full benefits including health insurance (with vision and dental), sick and family leave, paid holidays, and 401(k) plans.

People enjoy working at Johnson Controls because of its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and safety. Johnson Controls is always looking to create positive change in the world, and its employees are a part of that mission.

Does Johnson Controls Hire Felons?

Our research suggests that Johnson Controls hires felons. For specific positions, certain types of felonies may make you less likely to be hired (for example, a driving-related felony when applying for a driver position).

It is impossible to tell what specific interviewers will do, but as a whole it appears the company has hired felons in the past.

Does Johnson Controls Run Background Checks?

Yes, our research tells us that Johnson Controls runs background checks. However, because Johnson Controls hires felons, this should not be much of a concern.

Different factors like the time passed since your felony, the state you apply in, and whether or not you were convicted may affect what shows up on your background check.

Careers At Johnson Controls

There are six main job categories at Johnson Controls: Field Operations, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Customer Support, and Manufacturing Operations. If any of these interest you, Johnson Controls has openings.

Fire Installers perform maintenance, installation, repair, and programming of fire alarms and other building systems. They must be comfortable working in all kinds of odd spaces, including scaffolding, crawl spaces, ducts, tall ladders, etc.

Sprinkler Installers help install fire protection sprinkler systems. Like fire installers, they must be comfortable working in odd spaces like lift equipment or scaffolds. Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation required.

Assemblers assemble parts at a bench or conveyor line and do various production assembly tasks. Requires previous experience in an “industrial or manufacturing environment.”

Shippers put orders together, handle shipping documents, pull shipping orders, and perform other various shipping-related tasks. Basic math skills and reasoning ability required, as well as at least one year of related experience or training.

Sales Associates manage customer orders. They enter the orders into the system, communicate with customers, and process credit and return requests. They also handle customer complaints and are expected to provide great customer service.

Application Process at Johnson Controls

Applying at Johnson Controls is easy. From, click on the “Search Jobs” button. From here, you can search for keywords in job descriptions, narrow jobs by location, or see all job postings in a certain job category.

Many job listings for Johnson Controls require specific knowledge or skill sets. If the job you are applying for lists skills needed or experience with equipment, make sure to list any relevant experience and knowledge you have.

For example, if you had a job on the inside working with tools, this may be helpful for a maintenance or installation position. Even if it’s not exactly what they listed, it may still improve your hiring chances.

Be honest about any felonies you have. It is not a good idea to lie and hope it won’t come up. Anything left out on your application will come up in a background check, so it’s best to be honest upfront.

Because the company centers on innovation, it is a good idea to highlight things about yourself that show your creativity. They also care deeply about making the world safer, so if you have any felonies that involved making someone or somewhere unsafe, be sure to explain how you’ve grown and how these experiences will help you with the company’s mission to make buildings safer.

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