Does Lowes Hire Felons?

Lowes is a home improvement store that sells supplies for homeowners and contractors. They sell anything from electrical supplies to decorations to building materials.

Many companies are joining the “Ban the Box” initiative to stop companies from discriminating based on felonies. Lack of employment is part of why felons often commit another crime. Hiring felons helps them get the chance they need.

About Lowes

Lowes sells home improvement items from cleaning supplies to building supplies and decorations. They also have do-it-yourself workshops for homeowners and services for contractors.

Carl Buchan founded Lowes in 1946. Lowe’s started as a small-town hardware store. Carl Buchan bought the company from his partner, James Lowe. Over time, the company grew into the large chain it is today.

Lowes has over 40,000 products in stores and hundreds of thousands more online. They have many awards, such as Forbes #9 most engaged company in 2018. The company is a military friendly employer.

This company has benefits like 401(K) plans and tuition reimbursement. They offer life insurance. Lowes gives health, dental, and vision benefits, also.

People like working at Lowes because there are chances for growth and change. They get promotions and new jobs in the company. One worker said his location has an onsite gym. Workers feel like the company cares about their well-being.

Does Lowes Hire Felons?

Lowes’ website is not clear about their policy for hiring felons. Our research shows that Lowes rejected many applicants for having felonies. Some said the felony was over 20 years old.

Some workers say the company hired them because the felony was out of state or more than 7 years ago. The individual situation will be an important factor.

Does Lowes Run Background checks?

Lowes runs background checks when people apply for jobs there. Their website did not describe the process, but other sources did. The check goes back 7 years and may not include federal charges.

The company does the background check after they decide to hire a candidate. Sometimes, they took a job offer away after a background check. This could mean that the felony circumstance was different from what the company believed.

Careers at Lowes

Lowes workers have said that this company is a supportive place to work. They have resources for workers’ well-being. It is also possible to switch jobs within the company.

Common entry level jobs are team members, sales associates, cashiers, and stockers. Almost all jobs are in stores, but there are some corporate and distribution center jobs.

Team members are often workers in distribution centers. They receive orders and put them away. These workers also ship products, and may work night shifts.

Cashiers check people out of the store. They take payment for purchases and make sure that customers are happy with their experience. They may work full time, part time, or seasonally.

Stockers are also called receivers. They may work overnight or during the day to unload and stock things. These workers also talk to customers, helping customers and workers get what they need quickly. They must lift up to 25 pounds.

Sales associates work in stores. They make sure the store is clean and safe. Workers in this job deal with Pro customers in a friendly way and take care of orders.

Application Process At Lowes

To apply at Lowes, applicants can go to and type their location in the search bar. Jobs in their area will come up. Once they hit “search,” they will see filters that can limit the job search more.

Applicants will have to tell Lowes about their felony on their application. They have not said that they ban felons, and they have hired felons before.

After candidates apply, the company may invite them to a job fair or interview. This interview is a chance to show that the applicant is reformed and ready to work.

During the interview, the interviewer will likely ask about the felony. The applicant should tell what happened accurately. This will allow the company to consider circumstances other than the way it looks on paper.

After the interview, the candidate will go over work history and do a drug test. They will run a background check and decide whether to hire. At this point, there is a good chance Lowes will hire them.

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