Does Macys Hire Felons?

Macys is an American owned department store, offering high-end merchandise across the nations. They have an online store as well as brick and mortar stores across the nation. They are a large chain retailer.

Felons are not lifetime criminals. Many deserve a chance to be employed and try for a better life.

About Macys

Macy’s is a high-end American owned department store. They are one of the nation’s premier fashion retailers. They have designer labels and on point jewelry.

Macys was founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. It was founded in New York, New York. Macys can be found in the U.S. Puerto Rico and Gaum.

Macys has nearly 800 stores in operation and employs approximately 125,000 people. Macys has had its share of financial ups and downs over the years.

Macy employees can enjoy the option of medical, dental and ancillary benefits. They also get flexible work schedules, employee discounts, on the job training and so much more. Like many retailers these benefits are all pretty standard.

Past and present employees have enjoyed many of the benefits the company has to offer. They also report to like the friendly environment and flexible schedule. They great beauty products and jewelry are even better with the employee discount.

Does Macys Hire Felons?

Based on the information found during research it appears that Macys hires felons on a case by case basis. They won’t hire someone charged with fraud or theft for justifiable reasons.

Macys believes in giving people a second chance. At the same time, they have a business to run and assets to protect.

Does Macys do Background Checks?

Yes, they do background checks. They want to protect their company. They will run the check during the interview process.

Macy will not hire someone who has lied about their criminal history. Your best bet is to be honest rather than try to hide something that will come out in the long run.

Careers at Macys

There are many career opportunities at Macys. They have corporate, retail, and other positions that can be found at

Beauty Advisor

Help others look their best by assisting customers in all aspects of service. Develop repeat business customer base. Help find the right colors, styles, and products for the individual customer.

Fine Jewelry Commission Sales

Provide outstanding customer service in the jewelry and watch department. Suggest additional merchandise to compliment their selection.

Asset Protection

Maintain strict compliance with the law and company standards. Testify in court concerning any case criminal or civil. Monitor activities within the store by customers and employees.

Sales Manager

Drive and exceed sales goals, identify best sellers and key items, ensure the accuracy or promotional presentations. Reviewing and utilizing reports and motivating employees.

Operations Manager

Direct the receiving and processing of all merchandise receipts. Ensure that all procedures and policies are followed. Making sure that daily operations are running smoothly.

Application Process at Macys

You can apply online at or in person. The process generally takes one to two weeks. You can apply and upload your resume all online. You can also apply for specific locations.

If your application is approved by the hiring managers you will be asked to do an in-person interview. The interview will determine if your personality is right for the position. They want to make sure that your personality is a good fit for the image that they portray.

You will want to demonstrate your fashion knowledge. Your interpersonal communication skills are important for most sales associate positions. It is important to be knowledgeable on fashion and be able to talk to people in a polite and professional manner.

Once you have impressed the hiring managers, they will offer you a position. At that point, your background check comes and you are cleared to start working. You will be scheduled for orientation and training. Once all the formal things are done you will be added to the schedule to begin working.

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