Does Microsoft Hire Felons?

Microsoft is a leading company in the technology industry providing electronic devices, software and services throughout the world. Microsoft is also the leading technology company in the world rivaled only by Apple.

Felons can have a hard time finding employment in todays world as the employer is usually skeptical about hiring them. A felony should not determine your entire life and you deserve a second chance at being a contributing member of society.

About Microsoft

Microsoft provides computer technology as well as gaming consoles, technical support and product repairs, software and is always researching new technology for future use.

Microsoft was founded in 1967 by Bill Gates and his colleague Paul Allen. The company was founded in Albuquerque, NM and later moved to Bellevue, WA.

Microsoft has several hundred offices, centers and factories throughout the United States and many more worldwide. This reach allows their business repair centers and other essential business areas to easily reach their customer base.

Microsoft offers health, vision and dental as well as retirement plans like 401(k) and a tuition reimbursement plan for their employees.

People enjoy working at Microsoft because of the benefits offered. Aside from their standard benefit package you can also take advantage of a discounted price on all Microsoft products.

Does Microsoft Hire Felons?

Based on what can be found online, we have determined that Microsoft will in fact hire a felon so long as that felony charge does not directly conflict with the job requirements.

Microsoft took the “Fair Chance Pledge” that was instituted by former president Barack Obama. This pledge was a statement that the company was open to giving others a second chance at the American economy which makes you chances even greater.

Does Microsoft Run Background Checks?

Nearly every business in America runs a background check in todays world and Microsoft is no different. The background check comes after the successful interview and typically take up to fifteen days to yield the results.

Do not be discouraged because there are a multitude of positions for which they are willing to overlook your criminal history. Microsoft says that the background check is to protect those already employed within the company.

Careers at Microsoft

Working at Microsoft can be rewarding in many ways, but one will be the technical training you receive. You will learn valuable skills at Microsoft that you can take with you elsewhere later in your career if you so choose. There are many positions that are offered at Microsoft and it really depends on what you would enjoy and what your skills are.

Service Advisor

As a service advisor you will be the face of the company to the customer. Helping them decide on, fix, troubleshoot and understand the products that Microsoft can offer them. This position requires a degree of expertise but not much. Microsoft is always willing to train.

Retail Learning Specialist

Many people that want a new technological device may not know how it operates and that will be your focus in this position. Microsoft will train you to know your way around their products and you relay that to your customers. This job also branches into the business market as well so you may be helping other professionals make decisions regarding products.


The specialist is a glorified traveling customer service specialist that works with a variety of business and private customers. This position will require training and with travel being about 50 percent of your job, you will be away from home from time to time.

Education Expert

Microsoft offers a variety of programs to the education industry throughout the world and as an education expert it will be your responsibility to make sure that the customer is getting the very best service and technology that they can get.

Inventory Control Expert

The inventory control expert is responsible for making sure that the retail stores have everything that they need. This includes tasks such as counting, accounting, prioritizing and organization. This job can be physical at times as well. As with all positions within Microsoft, the customer experience is the most important thing so you may have to help a customer from time to time.

Application Process at Microsoft

Applying with Microsoft is easily done by heading to their careers page. Once there, you can filter and browse by category to find the position that seems like the best fit.

Applying at Microsoft as a felon can be a scary thing and you may not feel like they will hire you. This is ok and completely understandable. Honesty is the best course of action when applying for any job with a felony. Simply be honest and they will admire you for telling the truth and being forthright with them.

If your felony is brought up at all in the interview process do not be to specific. If they want specifics, they will ask for them. Hedge your response by simply telling them what it was for, that it was a mistake and that you are not that person anymore.

When interviewing at Microsoft it is important to remember that this is a company based on technology so taking the time to educate yourself on their products before the interview will not hurt at all. Depending on what position you are interviewing for customer service may be a large factor as well. Try to emphasize these traits within yourself.

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