Does Millis Transfer Hire Felons?

Millis Transfer Inc is a trucking company in the United States that focuses on providing safe, fast, and direct modes of transport for their customers. Millis trucks can easily be identified by their maroon and white trademark truck designs.

Employment is an essential step to be taken in order to build an honest lifestyle. When felons are denied employment because of their records they are also being denied the opportunity to a second chance at building an honest lifestyle.

About Millis Transfer Inc.

Millis Transfer Inc. Started out as a small beer distributor and over time expanded to catering to bigger transport projects. Today, they support Millis Training Institute, a top rated CDL-A training school.

With over 80 years in business,  Millis Transfer Inc. was founded in 1936 by Jake and Ray Millis. Today, Millis is headquartered in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.

Since their time on the road, Millis Transfer Inc. has been recognized for their training and handling of employees, offering one of the best pay scales in the fleeting industry.

Aside from their great pay, Millis Transfer Inc. offers extensive employee benefits such as the 401k, 3 weeks vacation, paid training and orientation and Paid Per Diem programs. Additional benefits include a free subscription to DirectTv, and the option to take your pets on the road, granted they are vaccinated.

Aside from the pay and benefits, people enjoy working at Millis primarily for their flexibility. One huge benefit that the company offers is that they do not take away from home time and have set schedules. Employees are rarely ever called or expected to perform for unrealistic time frames.

Does Millis Hire Felons?

After careful research, it does appear that Millis hires felons. Of course, hiring is done on a case to case basis and can vary depending on the assigned recruiter. For the most part, there have been employees who were able to work with a felony on their record.

However, due to the nature of work and responsibilities at Millis Transfer Inc. it is important to be mindful of the charges on your record. For example, applying for a job at Millis with multiple DUIs may not be the best idea as it is a transport company.

Does Millis Run Background Checks?

Millis does run background checks as most companies do. Standard background checks go back as far as seven years but most trucking companies, such as Millis, only go back as far as 5 years.

Additionally, Millis also runs drug tests to ensure that none of their drivers are under the influence. Drug tests are collected via urine, and some report that Millis even conducts random testing at times.

Careers at Mills

Working at Mills Transfer means being part of a team where all perks and responsibilities are transparent and reasonable. To apply for a job at Mills, you can go on their company website and speak with a recruiter instantly to see the positions available.

Driver. Drivers are the sole operators of Mills Transfer Inc. Being a driver at Mills requires patience and dedication as drivers are bound to their contracts which clearly outline the periods of time in which their services are needed.

In order to be a driver it is important to observe the necessary requirements. Not only must a driver have a standard driver’s license, but they must also take CDL courses to gain a commercial license.

Drivers are responsible for the transport of goods along short or long distances and must be able to sit and stay awake and alert for long periods of time. In some cases drivers may also bring their pets along.

Not only must a driver be able to fulfill their duties in terms of driving and transport, but they must also be able to observe proper protocol and procedures. This means abiding by the standard check points and sending regular updates to hq.

Drivers must also know the ins and outs of their units. They must be able to detect when there is something wrong and therefore apply proper protocol and know when it is appropriate to call for help.

Application Process at Millis

To apply for a job at Millis, you can go to their company website by clicking here and browse their options to speak with a recruiter. This option is available and offers fast two way communication so that you know exactly what steps to take.

Depending on who you speak to, the recruiter will usually direct you towards scheduling a series of CDL driving courses to better prepare you for the position you are applying for.

SInce Millis offers their own driving school, they may be able to start observing from as early as here in the application process. There is a registration process for driving school. Provide all the necessary information and be punctual and attend to your classes regularly.

For many, the hiring process only consisted of attending driving school and achieving certification. For some, they were able to speak directly with the manager for an informal, on the site interview.

Whatever the case may be, always be prepared and be on your best behavior. Observe proper grooming, firm handshakes, and carry on with your classes in order to secure your position with the company.

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