Does Nordstrom Hire Felons?

Nordstrom is a large chain retailer of high-end products. They were founded in Northwest America over 100 years ago. They have over 300 stores across the nation, with the majority of them in the western half of America.

Felons are people too and they have financial obligations. Depending on the severity of crime and conditions of release they should have a fair chance.

About Nordstrom

Nordstrom is an American chain of high-end department stores. They have brick and mortar stores and several online stores as well. They are well known all over the world.

Nordstrom was founded in 1901  as a shoe retailer. It was founded by John Nordstrom and Carl Walin in Seattle, Washington. They are still headquartered in Washington.

Nordstrom is a 119-year-old retailer with 370 locations. Currently, there are about 74 thousand employees. Nordstrom is a large online and in person retailer.

Nordstrom employees are offered pretty typical health, dental and vision plans. They offer up to 4 months paid maternity leave, commuter benefits, employee discounts and more. Their benefits seem to be pretty standard compared to other retailers.

Many of the employees asked said they find the employee benefits to be a great part of the job. They enjoy the atmosphere and standards set forth. The products are all high end and of good quality.

Does Nordstrom Hire Felons?

Nordstroms will consider the severity of the crime before offering employment. They will be checking for repeat offenders, length of time since charge and so on. A conviction isn’t an automatic no.

Nordstrom sets a professional standard. If they feel you can uphold that standard they will offer you an employment opportunity.

Does Nordstrom Do Background Checks?

Nordstrom does a typical background check for most of their positions.  It has been reported that they go back 7 years on their background checks.

The company wants to ensure that it is not making a bad choice. They want what’s best for the company. The employees and assets need to be protected.

Careers at Nordstrom

Much like any retailer, Nordstrom has positions they fill frequently. They have corporate and in-store positions. You can find them and apply online at

Stock Team

You are the keeper of merchandise, complete all inventory processes. Provides general support to the store, helps set up for special events. Keep the merchandise on the sales floor well stocked.

Loss Prevention

Help prevent loss of inventory through interactions with customers and training fellow employees. Perform monitoring and surveillance duties.

Retail Cashier

Make the customer experience quick, easy and fun. Let customers know about upcoming events and specials.  Work with the team to keep the sales floor runway ready. Remerchandise and straighten throughout the shift.

Retail Sales

You must be able to set and achieve sales goals. Upsell, by suggesting additional products that compliment the customer’s choices. Provide honest feedback to customers. Build knowledge about products and fashion.

Beauty Sales

Be a go-getter, achieve goals. Build a repeat customer base. Must have excellent communication skills and proper knowledge of trends and products.

Application Process at Nordstrom

The application process takes about 2 weeks. It is a simple streamlined process when applying online.

While applying online and uploading your resume you will complete pre-employment screening. You will also consent to your background check during the application process online.

If hiring managers like your application and resume they will begin your background check. If your skills and experience impress the hiring managers, they will also contact you for an in-person interview.

You may have more than one interview in person. You potentially can interview with several managers in several departments or on several levels.

You may also consider applying for more than one position. Job listings are not always removed immediately once they are filled. So there is no promise that the position that you are applying for is still available. In this case you can always go into the store and check with the manager or even call the HR department at a specific location.

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