Does Orkin Hire Felons?

Orkin is an American owned company based in Atlanta that specializes in providing pest control services to their customers nationwide.

When it comes to employment, felons are often on the losing end. Many are denied employment simply due to their records and do not make it past most background checks. Employment is a crucial part of starting a new life which most felons are unjustly denied.

About Orkin

Orkin provides pest control services to customers across the nation. Popular services include termite inspections, pests prevention, and full exeterminations. They are best known for dealing with termites, bed bugs, and mosquitos.

Orkin was founded in 1901 by Otto Orkin and has been providing top tier pest control services ever since. Today, Orkin is being led by CEO Glenn Rollins.

With over 8,000 employees nationwide, Orkin has been recognized consistently for their training and customer service, by Training Magazine top 125 from 2003-2013. In 2006, Orkin was also named by Pest Control Technology Magazine as Best in-Class Customer Service.

Working at Orkin entails many benefits such as plans, coverage, and reimbursements. Orkin provides all employees with the standard 401k as well as medical, dental, and vision coverage. Inclusive plans include Employee Assistance plans, employee stock purchase plan, job referral bonus, and various discount programs. Eligible employees are also able to enjoy tuition reimbursement.

Aside from the many benefits, employees and past employees state enjoying their time with Orkin for the learning experience. Orkin is a company that values its staff training and employees are taught valuable and useful information in the process.

Does Orkin Hire Felons?

After extensive research and comparing employee testimonies, it is unclear as to whether or not Orkin hires felons. In most cases, hiring is done on a case to case basis. Though, for a general consensus it does not seem that Orkin hires felons.

Again, since hiring is done on a case to case basis this does not eliminate all chances of being hired by this company with a felony. There have been cases where applicants were hired with misdemeanors or minor felonies from long ago.

Does Orkin Run Background Checks?

Like most companies, Orkin does run background checks on all applicants with potential to get hired. Standard background checks go back as far as seven years. Though, with the job description and nature of work that Orkin conducts, Orkin does look at all criminal history, regardless of the time frame.

In addition to checking for criminal records, Orkin also checks driving records and conducts a drug test on all applicants who have made it to that step of the application process.

Careers at Orkin

Orkin has a career link wherein you can find all the available positions near you. Attached are also the job descriptions of the postings. There are many different jobs available, each handling different duties along the pest control line. Here are a few:

Termite Technician. Termite control is a service that Orkin specializes in. Termite Technicians are a big help to the team and are constantly called on to deal with termites. Requirements for this position include a high school diploma or equivalent, a driver’s license, and a positive attitude.

Lawn Care Tech Specialist. Lawn care and pest control go hand in hand. Lawn Care Specialists must be able to properly assess the conditions of outdoor areas and assign proper treatment to treat or further prevent pests. This is a job that requires being able to stand for long periods of time and even be going up and down ladders.

Pest Control Technician. Pest Control Technicians are essential in keeping the operation running smoothly as they deal with all other pests such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, etc. They must be skilled and willing to train.

Pest control technicians must be able to stand for long periods of time and have the proper patience and knowledge regarding the pests they are to deal with. Pest control technicians are subject to paid training.

To be a pest control technician one must have a high school diploma or equivalent, a driver’s license, and must demonstrate job capability through paid training sessions in order to be successful.

Application Process at Orkin

Orkin has an online application option wherein you can browse for job openings near you by clicking here. You can also see the job descriptions and requirements needed to apply for the desired position.

Once determining your desired position, it is advisable to add to your resume so that it aligns with the job position you are applying for. A helpful tip would be to add more to the skills section of your resume so you appear more fit for the job.

The application process at Orkin includes a series of interviews and training. Depending on the management, sometimes a phone interview is conducted before in person interviews. For phone interviews, be sure to move to a quiet location, and answer questions calmly and with confidence.

For in person interviews, observe proper grooming, and be honest. Orkin runs a series of background tests and anything you do not tell them will come out eventually. It is better to be honest in front of them where you are able to still explain yourself, rather than later during the background tests.

After interviews, are training courses provided by Orkin. These include certification courses. This is where you can prove your capability to work with Orkin. It is important to be punctual during this period as it is the main screening and can be the deal breaker.

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