Does Randstad Hire Felons?

Randstad is a staffing company that connects employers with job seekers. They offer career resources to help people find jobs in their field.

If a person commits a felony we should not assume they will commit felonies in the future. Refusing to hire them shows a negative bias towards them.

About Randstad

Randstad is a company that helps people find jobs and employers find workers. They give helpful resources to job seekers. They use their technology to help people find jobs in their field.

Frits Goldschmeding founded Randstad in the 1960s. Now the company has expanded to cover over 90 percent of HR services.

Randstad has over 500 branch locations that they operate across the states. They have an internal staff of over 5,500 and a workforce of over 100,000 people.

They give their employees many healthcare benefits. They also provide great travel assistance. They strive to take care of their employees.

Workers at Randstad value their dedication to a diverse environment. They also like how the company supports charities that matter to them.

Does Randstad Hire Felons?

Randstad does not say on their website if they hire felons. But, I found a copy of their Talent employee handbook after a google search.

If they find that an employee has a criminal background it does not mean they will drop them from the company. They claim that they will look at the circumstances of each case and review them based on state policies.

Does Randstad Perform Background Checks?

I could not find anything that mentioned background checks in general. But, they say they will sometimes run background checks. This is in their Talent employee handbook.

It does not say anything about what they cover in the background check. It would be different depending on the state you live in.

Careers At Randstad

Randstad is a company that pushes diversity, technology, and innovation. They emphasize these values in all the work they do.

One of their most common jobs is Recruiter. You would work with job seekers and help them find a position that’s right for them.

Another position is Staffing Manager. You would do quality control for clients along with marketing, sales, and networking.

Their Account Manager position is also a common one. It emphasizes selling Randstad to new clients and building relationships with new clients.

If sales interest you and you have sales experience they also have a Sales position. You would use calls and in-person meetings to sell Randstad to clients.

If you have manger experience they have a Recruiting Coordinator position. You would schedule interviewing and help with the hiring process.

Application Process At Randstad

To apply at Randstad you will first create an account with them on their website. Then you will search for open positions. Once you find one you will apply online and come in to interview with them.

Randstad emphasizes innovation and technology. So you will want to research the technology they use before the interview. This will help you look informed about the company.

If you have any kind of HR or career placement experience make sure to emphasize that. List them even if the position is unrelated. They will help sell you to a staffing company.

Randstad is a staffing company. It is very important to have your resume and cover letter in prime condition. Having a sloppy resume could hurt your chances of getting hired.

Another good thing to research is their interview questions resource

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