Does Rite Aid Hire Felons?

Rite Aid was founded in 1962 and is one of the largest pharmaceutical retailers in the country. Rite Aid Continues to be one of the rising stars in the pharmaceutical retail industry.

Felons have a hard time reconnecting with society for many reasons and one of them is the difficulty of finding work. Many felons end up committing more crime and reoffending because of this. It is important that we enable someone who may have made a mistake in life to have a second chance.

About Rite Aid

Rite Aid’s most influential product is their pharmaceuticals and health products. Second to that is their selection of non-health related merchandise such as candy, makeup, beverages and other things.

Rite Aid was founded in 1962 by Alex Grass. As the company grew, they began to expand by acquiring various companies throughout the United States. Eventually they became a public company by becoming public through the New York Stock Exchange.

Rite Aid employs over 51,000 associates throughout 19 states in the United States and continues to grow. In 1983 the company passed the $1 billion sales mark, which for that time was a huge deal.

Rite Aid offers an array of benefits including 401(k), paid holidays for some positions, medical, dental and life insurances. All of this together is a pretty good package and can making working at Rite Aid worthwhile.

Many employees of Rite Aid state that they love the benefit package they receive, and they feel taken care of by their employer. Rite Aid is a very customer service-based company, so if you are a people person, you will fit in just fine here.

Does Rite Aid Hire Felons?

Based on research, it appears that Rite Aide does not hire felons but that should not stop you from applying. As with most companies, the hiring process is done within the store so there is a chance that the application may be approved by a hiring manager at a specific store location.

It is possible that they may overlook your criminal record and hire you. Often, when you apply, and you have a felony you are pushed to the bottom of the stack of applicants. This does not mean you won’t get the job, but it does mean that you are not a priority for filling the position.

Does Rite Aid Run Background Checks?

Based off research, Rite Aid will in fact run a background check on you once you apply. But this is normal in todays world as most companies run background check of some kind.

Do not be discouraged by this, however. There is still the potential that they may hire you for a position. Unfortunately, it does limit your ability to work in the pharmacy or near any controlled substances because of your felony.

Careers at Rite Aid

Working at Rite Aid has a small and local feel despite being a corporate enterprise. The jobs offered there will most likely be customer service and a sizeable portion of that customer base will be elderly.

Being a cashier at Rite Aid is the forefront of the store. You are the person that has the most contact with the customer so having people skills is a must.

Working as a pharmacy technician in training will give you a small bump in pay and pave the way to a better position after that. You will work directly underneath the pharmacist in charge and help customers within the store.

A stockers responsibility is to get the products on the shelf in a timely manner. There is also some degree of physical demand for this job. if you are stocking during normal business hours you will always also be required to help customers during your shift.

Janitorial work is generally handled by all entry level positions however you may be assigned a special task on occasion. You will be responsible for maintaining a clean restroom area, cleaning up spills within the aisles and cleaning the parking lot itself.

A position in the photo center will require you to help customers with their prints and on occasion, technical issues. Technology for photo print is changing, and with most of your customers being elderly or disabled, you will likely run into folks that need help.

Application Process at Rite Aid

To apply with Rite Aid, head over to their career site and begin applying. The application process takes a little time to complete so plan on being there for a while. Be honest about your past, this is very important.

It is important to be honest about your past when applying. Rite Aid has a no felony policy so overcoming that will be difficult. With enough determination and honesty, you may be able to get a job there.

During the interview, if the employer ever brings up your felony, be honest. Tell them that it was a single mistake that will not be repeated. Show a sincere regret for your actions and assure them that it will not prevent you from doing a good job.

A good way to make your job better at Rite Aid or any other job for that matter is to carry that honesty you had at the interview into your work. You do not have to advertise that you are a felon, but do not lie to anyone if it is ever brought up.

Rite Aid entry level positions are basic and minimal. Your resume does not have to look like you are applying for CEO. Keep it simple and state what you know and where you have worked. Try to tailor the skills on your resume to the skills needed by Rite Aid.

Interviewing can be scary for most people and it is worth the time to prepare for it. At Rite Aid you will be dealing with the public, so they will be looking for someone well groomed who has good hygiene. Dress for the occasion but do not overdo it.

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