Does Roehl Hire Felons?

Roehl is a trucking and transport company that provides fast shipping on a variety of goods from construction material to food shipments.

When reentering society, employment is a crucial part to a felon’s success. People who have made a mistake in their life deserve the chance to make amends and to regain a happy, productive life once more.

About Roehl

Roehl services many different fields of industry ranging from the construction material transportation industry to grocery and food item transportation.

Roehl was founded in 1962 by Everett Roehl and has become one of the largest commercial transport companies in the United States.

Roehl is one of the largest transport companies in the United State by means of employment and fleet size. Having more than 2,500 employees and 2,000 tractors gives it a long reach as a company servicing from the Wisconsin area to the state of Arizona.

Benefits offered from Roehl are vast. If you do not have your CDL license they will train you to get one and even pay you for your time to do it. Once licensed you can enjoy benefits such as health, dental, long term disability, life insurance, short term income protection, flexible spending, 401(k), vacation time, holidays and more.

Employees at Roehl feel happy being assigned to a local fleet. Other things that the company offers is a monetary allowance that can be used on the road for things such as food and lodging.

Does Roehl Hire Felons?

From research we can confirm that they will in fact hire felons however like most companies the time since offense is considered heavily.

An employer will want to make sure that your criminal past is behind you and that you are going to be worth the time and investment in hiring. This is going to be the reality with any company unfortunately.

Does Roehl Run Background Checks?

From what can be found online, Roehl does and will run a background check as well as other preventative measures to ensure they are making the best hiring decision.

Roehl may not mind that you are a felon depending on what your felony is for. If you have multiple driving violations and are considered not very safe to operate a motor vehicle then you will likely get turned down.

Careers at Roehl

Working at Roehl can be very rewarding since they will train you to get your CDL and pay you for it at the same time. Having multiple fleets across the United States it is easy to be assigned close to home as well.

CDL Truck Driver Refrigerated: As a driver for a refrigerated cargo trailer your timeline to deliver will be stricter since you are transporting perishable goods. This position is dedicated typically meaning that your route will rarely change since you are contracted to that customer.

CDL Truck Driver Refrigerated Dairy: As a driver for a very volatile and time sensitive product you will be expected to make deadlines with little or no error. This position is dedicated as well so you will have some stability in routes and routines.

CDL Truck Driver Flatbed Specialized Route: As a driver of a specialized flat bed trailer you will be expected to haul over dimensional and awkward loads. This is typically building materials and heavy equipment.

CDL Driver Van Route: As a van driver, typically the cargo is no touch, meaning that you do not play a part in the loading or the unloading of the cargo but rather getting the cargo delivered on time. These routes are often shorter and less tiresome than a tractor route as well.

CDL Truck Driver Van Relocation Specialist: The duties of this position are not to deliver a good or product but to rather relocate vehicles needed elsewhere. Your route will take you to different places all the time and can change at a moment’s notice.

Application Process at Roehl

Applying at Roehl is simple, head over to their career pages here and start applying. There are multiple options asking whether you have a CDL or if you need training. Click on the link that applies best to you and go from there.

Since working at Roehl means handling heavy equipment in the public setting, they may be more stringent on who they hire. This does not mean that they will not hire you, however.

A felony can mean many things and an employer knows this. They are typically not interested in the fact that you are a felon in general but rather that your felony does not conflict with their business.

If your felony comes up in your interview there are a few simple things that you should remember and the first is to be honest. Aside from that you also don’t need to spill your guts to them about it either. Keep it simple and tell them what you did, how you regret doing it and that it was a mistake and that it will not affect your work with them.

Since Roehl is a business based on deadlines and time management, your resume should highlight your qualities that reflect the same. When describing your work duties of a former job in your resume. It does not hurt to include the deadlines you had at that job.

Application Links

Roehl Company Website- Roehl

Roehl Careers- Roehl Careers

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