Does Royal Farms Hire Felons?

Royal Farms is a private corporation headquartered in Baltimore and provides services to their customers through their chain of convenience stores located around the United States, with 200 store locations nationwide.

Felonies are charges that fall onto a person’s criminal record and depending on the case and state, can sometimes be expunged. However, this is not an option available to everybody and those with felonies on their records experience difficulties in obtaining employment as a result. Employment is a big factor in terms of starting a new life and felons are too often denied that opportunity.

About Royal Farms

Aside from offering the standard commodities of convenience stores, Royal Farms is well known for their packaged foods and beverages. Fresh fried chicken, hand-cut fries, and sandwiches are just a few of the items Royal Farms customers love.

Royal Farms was originally founded in 1959 as a dairy business by the Kemp family. The first Royal Farms store location was opened in Baltimore, Maryland and the chain quickly expanded. In Maryland alone, there are over 100 different store locations.

Today, Royal Farms has over 1,000 employees and has been recognized over the years for their products and services. In 2018, Royal Farms was awarded for having the best Gas Station Fried Chicken. Royal Farms was also recognized by the U.S Green Building Council and was awarded the Green Award for their efforts in observing and maintaining sustainability.

Royal Farms offers a variety of benefits to their employees. Starting with the standard 401k, are also entitled to receiving paid family leave, life and disability insurance paid by their employers, as well as vacation days and holiday pay.

People enjoy working for Royal Farms because of the management, pay, and opportunity for growth. Aside from monetary gains, Royal Farms is a smaller operation wherein employees are allowed to be more hands on and involved in their environments.

Does Royal Farms Hire Felons?

After comparing employee and applicant reviews, it does not appear the Royal Farms has a history of hiring felons, regardless of how long ago the felony was.

However, most companies hire on a case to case basis. While Royal Farms does not hire people with felonies they do seem more forgiving in terms of misdemeanors and are more willing to overlook them based on applicant potential.

Does Royal Farms Run Background Checks?

Yes, Royal Farms runs background checks on all applicants moving forward with their application. After being considered for a position with Royal Farms, a background check is necessary and most go back as far as seven years and view all criminal history.

In addition to a background check, which usually takes about 20 minutes, Royal Farms will also have you undergo a drug test. Drug tests are urine samples which will be analyzed. Qualifying and disqualifying factors will vary depending on what state you are in.

Careers at Royal Farms

Royal Farms is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on basis of race, gender, age, and disabilities. They often hold hiring events which details are posted on their websites and applications are always open online. There are two main jobs available at the entry level: customer service associates, and food service associates.

Customer Service Associates. Customer Service Associates are in charge of all things retail. Since Royal Farms is also a convenience store they are in charge of assisting customers get to where they need to be in terms of finding desired products.

Additionally, Customer Service Associates are also in charge of security. This means closing and opening the stores by following the proper protocol to ensure security of products and the store itself.

Customer Service Associates also double as cashiers. They must be able to operate the point of service system and do so with cash handling accuracy while still providing customers with the positive attitudes needed to complete their shopping experience.

Food Service Associates. Royal Farms is also well known for their ready to consume, food and beverages. Being a food service associate means preparing food and observing cleanliness for the customers.

Other duties of a Food Service Associate includes observing marketing tactics and strategies to promote sales and keep up with food trends for happy customers.

Application Process at Royal Farms

Applications for a job at Royal Farms are always available on their websites. By clicking here you can view all job openings within your area and even view when there will be hiring events near you.

After applying for a job, wait patiently. It is also advisable to follow up on the status of your application. You can do this by going to the store or calling your local store and asking to push your application forward. This shows initiative and gives a good impression.

When being called for an interview be sure to bring a copy of your resume. Make sure you bring more than one copy for the person interviewing you, as there may be more than one. Again, this shows initiative.

Make sure to observe proper grooming for your interview. First impressions last and the way you present yourself says as lot to your potential employer in terms of whether or not hiring you will be a good move.

Make sure to be truthful on your interview as they run background checks. Only answer the questions they ask you and do so in a kind manner in order to gain favor. It is not a good idea to lie as they have already done their background check and if not, one will surely be conducted once you are considered.

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