Does Safeway Hire Felons?

Safeway is a company that specializes in selling fresh food for a good value. Safeway has over one thousand locations inside the United States and over one hundred in Mexico.

Having steady employment is one of the first steps to building a good life. Felons deserve a second chance at life and having an equal opportunity to obtain work is essential to success.

About Safeway

Safeway is a grocery store chain that is mainly located inside of the United States. They offer a wide variety of products from many brands. They also have a generic brand called signature select.

Safeway was founded in 1915 in Idaho by a man named M.B. Skaggs. It started when he purchased his father’s grocery store. It was founded on the idea of providing great value to its customers.

Safeway owns over 1400 stores in 35 states and Washington D.C. Safeway has 138,000 employees nationwide, which is 5th amongst its competitors.

Benefits for Safeway retail workers vary by location. Benefits that may be offered are vision, dental and prescription drug coverage. Part-time employees may be eligible for benefits.

When asked about what they like about working at Safeway, responses often included the work environment and a flexible schedule.

Does Safeway Hire Felons?

Based on our research, Safeway will hire people with certain felonies. For instance, people with theft charges will most likely not be hired.

Safeway does not discriminate against traffic violations and non-violent felonies, with theft being the only exception. It is always good to give it a shot, as they do hire most people with most types of felonies.

Does Safeway Run Background Checks?

In order to find this answer, many online resources were utilized, and they all came to one general consensus. Yes, they do perform a standard background check to check for a criminal history.

The background check will be similar to those used at most establishments. Once initiated, the background check is said to take up to a few weeks to come back with results.

Careers at Safeway

Safeway offers a variety of entry level positions in their retail locations. These opportunities range from being a cashier to working as a deli clerk. All entry level positions have on the job training.

Being a deli clerk is a great place to start at Safeway. Duties include but are not limited to: frying and baking chicken, preparing salads and sandwiches, and slicing a variety of meats and cheeses.

Another great position is being a cashier. The main duty of a cashier is to use and maintain the cash register station that they are assigned to. This position is great for someone who seeks a fast-paced work environment.

Baker’s responsibilities vary, but often include baking fresh bread from scratch, baking donuts and other pastries. This job is perfect for someone who loves and is passionate about baking.

Working as a cake decorator is a fun entry level position that allows you to decorate cakes and other pastry items. Shifts for both bakers and cake decorators are rigorous, often requiring workers to come in at two in the morning to start their shifts.

Lastly, a barista is a great position if you love the smell of coffee. A barista’s main responsibility is to make coffee and tea for customers. Barista’s also operate a cash register.

Application Process at Safeway

The best way to apply to a Safeway website which can be found here. The online application is laid out easily and navigating the site for a desired position and location is straightforward.

When filling out the application, it is very important to fill out the entire form as truthfully as possible. This is especially true for the part on criminal history, as any criminal history will be discovered on the background check.

If an applicant is found lying about a criminal history, they will not be hired by Safeway. When it comes to the interview, one good tip is to always come dressed well, but not to be overdressed. A simple polo shirt would suffice.

If asked about your criminal past, it is important to be as open and truthful as possible. Be prepared to answer any questions that they might have on the topic.

At Safeway, a successful employee is someone who is punctual and thorough. It is important to be friendly to all customers and to help them with whatever they may need help with.

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