Does Schneider Hire Felons?

Schneider is a transportation and logistics company that helps other companies ship large amounts of their products to their destinations. They use several modes of transportation in this process, including trucks, cargo trains, and vans.

Felons deserve the right to proper employment. Employment is important for felons looking for a second chance, because it provides a certain amount of independence and responsibility that proves that your past does not have to define your future.

About Schneider

Schneider provides freight transportation and storage, as well as logistics services for companies that need help with supply chain management. They have a full range of options that allow them to safely and quickly transport freight across the country and across borders. They are most known for their bright orange trucks.

Schneider has been operating ever since 1935, when A.J. Schneider purchased his first truck. For over 80 years, they have been working to safely move freight all across the country and even into Mexico, Canada, and China.

Among their many awards, Schneider has been recognized for its practice of hiring veterans. Currently over 20% of their 1,200+ truck drivers are veterans. They are also certified as a “Great Place to Work.” Their efforts to be involved in the community and give back are often recognized as well.

Schneider offers many benefits for their employees, including health insurance (with dental and vision). They also match 401(k) contributions for retirement. Paid vacation starts at 1 week of vacation after 1 year of employment and increases from there. Other perks include tuition reimbursement and discounts.

People enjoy working at Schneider because they prioritize safety and integrity. Schneider has several incentives and policies in place to make sure that their truck drivers are safe on the road. From employees to customers, Schneider aims to treat everyone with respect and integrity.

Does Schneider Hire Felons?

Schneider hires felons on a case-by-case basis. They may take several factors into account when making hiring decisions, such as how old the felony is, number of offenses, nature of the crime, etc.

For those with a CDL applying to drive a truck, additional things may be taken into consideration because safety is so important to Schneider. Driving-related offenses, refusals of drug or alcohol tests, and other specifics related to a felony may affect the hiring outcome.

Does Schneider Run Background Checks?

According to our sources, Schneider does run background checks. They also drug test potential employees with a hair follicle screening and a urine analysis.

Specifics of the thoroughness of the background check may vary by job, though Schneider specifies that truck drivers go through more than one background check.

Careers At Schneider

Though Schneider is primarily known for trucking, they also have job listings for office workers, diesel mechanics, and warehouse staff. All employees from all fields are treated as important pieces of one large team.

Truck Drivers are the bread and butter of the company. They are responsible for safely driving freight to its destination. There are different types of workload paths for each trucker’s needs, from consistently delivering for one customer to delivering year-round from a large network of customers. No prior truck driving experience required—you can sign up for CDL classes through Schneider.

Customer Service Representatives create and track customer orders. They are responsible for keeping customers happy through the order process. 2nd and 3rd shift hours are available as well.

Diesel Mechanics are responsible for providing maintenance for Schneider’s trailers, tractors, and equipment. This job involves primarily preventative maintenance. Training is provided.

Service Truck Technicians do on-site maintenance for drivers, such as tire changes or repairs if there is an accident.

Warehouse Associates load and unload freight from trailers. Warehouse II Associates are essentially the same position, but also have forklift experience and operate equipment.

Application Process At Schneider

Applying to Schneider is easy. On, simply hover the mouse over one of the job categories at the top of the screen. Under each category, there is an option to “Search & Apply for Jobs.” From this page, you can narrow results by ZIP code.

Because Schneider is so value-driven, it is important to show strong character in the interview. Honesty about your background is crucial, because Schneider’s background checks will find anything you leave out anyway.

By being honest about your past convictions, you can open a new conversation with the interviewer about how you have learned from your mistakes and grown as a person. Because Schneider hires felons on a case-by-case basis, anything you can highlight that shows why they should hire you despite your conviction is a good idea to mention.

Schneider’s core values are safety, integrity, respect, and excellence in what they do. It may be helpful in an interview to give examples of how you apply these values in your own life. This shows them that you would make a great addition to their team.

For any of the positions, mentioning training or certificates you have that are relevant to the job may give you an advantage. Though Schneider provides training for jobs that require it, coming to the position with existing training and experience may boost your chances of being hired.

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