Does Sheetz Hire Felons?

Sheetz is a one stop shop for people on the go. They provide custom made food, espresso and coffee and gasoline to name a few. With easy ordering online that can be picked up at the store they are one of the most convenient service stations today.

Companies are skeptical about hiring felons for many reasons which can make gaining a job as a felon difficult. Felons need a second chance to be productive members of society again and are often denied this.

About Sheetz

Sheetz offers a variety of different food from their menu ranging from appetizers, burgers, hotdogs and coffee. They also serve breakfast sandwiches for on the go customers heading to work making them very convenient.

Sheetz is over 60 years old and centers in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Sheetz was founded by Bob Sheetz in 1952 when he purchased a dairy store in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Growing the business well into the 80’s the company now operates on a much larger scale.

Sheetz is family run business having the founders pass along the mantle of the business to their children who still run the franchise to this day. The company operated 100 stores by 1983 and continues to grow.

Benefits at Sheetz range from Medical and Prescription coverage, vacation and personal days to 401(k). Sheetz also contracts with three different health and wellness centers where employees and their dependents can receive medical care at no cost.

Employees are generally happy working at Sheetz because of the benefits. Having three wellness clinics in the area makes healthcare very affordable for employees. They also offer competitive pay that matches or nearly matches other competitors.

Does Sheetz Hire Felons?

Based on research, it appears that Sheetz is not fond of hiring felons however there are a few reported cases of felons being hired. It is a unique set of circumstances that must be met in order to work here. Depending on time since conviction and seriousness and nature of the crime committed.

If you are upfront and honest about your felony and all the details therein, you may be offered an entry level position. Do not let this mislead you into not applying however, the company’s policy does not indicate one way or the other and can change.

Does Sheetz Run Background Checks?

Sheetz can and will run a background check and the scope of that background check is very vaguely described. According to several sources online, the background check is run before the initial interview.

Sheetz’s policy can change as stated above however most background checks run back 7 to 10 year from the date of application. It is fine to be truthful in the application regarding your felony and can even help you in the long run.

Careers at Sheetz

Working at Sheetz can be rewarding and with a multitude of positions ranging from driving, customer service and maintenance. Working at Sheetz means working with the public and typically with that, the company wants the very best service possible.

Store team Member

A store team member is responsible for a multitude of different tasks such as money handling, stocking, janitorial and ordering. They are also responsible for upholding local law in the sales of tobacco products and alcohol.

Facility Support Equipment and HVAC Technician

This position requires some degree of skill and knowledge in the maintenance and construction field. In this position you will be responsible for maintaining the electric, plumbing, HVAC and other maintenance projects around the store.

Equipment Installer

This position offers a variety of projects during a typical shift. From installing gas pumps to refrigerators and freezers to maintaining culinary equipment such as hot pans and keep warm appliances.

Mobile Programmer

If you know your way around a computer and technology, then this may be the position for you. Mobile programmers work tirelessly on the mobile applications used by customers to make orders. There is a strong deadline in this position as the applications you are building are in demand by the customer.

Food and Convenience Delivery Driver

If you have attained a CDL Class A then you may want to look at being a driver for Sheetz. As a driver, you will be responsible for the safe and on-time delivery of a variety of products including special orders for customers. Being safe is a priority in this position and there is a training program that will have to be completed before driving alone.

Application Process at Sheetz

Applying is simple enough at Sheetz. Simply head over to their careers page. There you can see the listing for different categories of positions they offer. Most entry level positions are in the Store Positions tab.

When applying here it is important to keep in mind that you are applying for a position in customer service. It is important that you be a people person to succeed at this job.

As stated earlier, Sheetz may be a difficult company to get hired from when you are a felon. There are things that you can do to improve your chances, one of which is to be honest. They are going to run a background check on you and see your record regardless of whether you tell them or not. It is better to just tell them.

Be persistent in your application process. Apply and wait two days and start calling them to see if they have had a chance to look at your application. This shows them that you are serious about the job and that you may be a good fit.

Once hires at Sheetz it will be important to do your best in your new role. Show them that they made a good decision in hiring you and that you are capable of the job. It is crucial that you perform well regarding pay as well.

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