Does Sodexo Hire Felons?

Sodexo is a French Company that offers food service management, quality control, and other food industry services. They operate worldwide providing opportunities for international work.

Most felons deserve a second chance at life. They deserve to be able to make an honest living. Employed felons are less likely to repeatedly commit crimes.

About Sodexo

Sodexo’s mission is to improve the quality of life. Sodexo is a key player in the foodservice industry. They offer food service management and other services in the industry.

Sodexo was founded in 1966 in Marseilles, France. It was founded by Pierre Bellon. France food service management and quality is important. They are all about being professional and pleasing the customer.

Sodexo operates worldwide with a fiscal year revenue of 22 billion euros. Sodexo has been ranked #1 in the top 50 companies for diversity.

Sodexo offers its employees an opportunity to grow. They offer the standard corporate benefits, PTO, paid holidays, ancillary benefits and more. The opportunity to grow within the company is one of the best benefits that they have to offer.

People have reported Sodexo is a fun, friendly and informative place to work. People enjoy worldwide opportunities and training. Their employees have enjoyed being able to travel the world and gain international skills.

Does Sodexo Hire Felons?

Through research, it has been found that they do not hire felons. They believe in quality, not quantity. They want to make sure that people they hire are going to represent a standard that is set by Sodexo.

Sodexo wants a clean-cut, professional image. They want people they feel they can trust. They want to put full trust in their employees.

Does Sodexo Run Background Checks?

Yes, they do run background checks. They run the check during the pre-employment process. They go back approximately 7 years unless their position requires more.

Sodexo runs a fairly thorough background check. The results of the background check can be the difference between being employed or unemployed. There is no need to lie, Sodexo may just not be the company for you.

Careers at Sodexo

Being a worldwide company, they hire frequently across the world. They have hourly paid positions, and upper management positions available.

K-12 School Food Worker

May work anywhere food is prepared on the property. Assist in setup and serving of food. Must be able to read recipes and operate kitchen machinery.

Catering Cook

Accurately and effectively prepare, portion, cook and present food. Read and review orders. Provide excellent customer service. Should be able to describe food to servers and clients as well.


Prepare and serve food, use kitchen tools, and taste the food. Attend allergy and foodborne illness training and comply with all policies.


Handles cash and credit transactions primarily in food services. Responsible for accurate PLU rings and barcode scans. Providing a friendly face and assistance to customers is important as well.

Utility Worker

Washes dishes by hand or in a dishwasher. Washes tables, counters, walls and more. Sweep, mop and vacuum floors.

Application Process at Sodexo

The application process begins at  You can search for open positions. Then you create a profile and get job alerts.

Apply online for the open position you interested in. You may apply for more than one position and in different locations.

Once you have submitted an application a recruiter or hiring manager will review it. If you are best qualified you will be selected for a phone interview. They will contact you through your preferred method of contact to set up a time for the phone interview.

If you are one of the most qualified candidates you will interview with a hiring manager in person. You will answer questions and give examples of situations that you have experienced.

If you are the best candidate a verbal employment offer will be made. Once you accept the offer a background check begins and you will have received a formal letter of an employment offer.

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