Does Staffmark Hire Felons?

Staffmark is a recruiting company. They work with employers and employees to help them achieve their goals. They want to be a good partner for their customers.

Felons deserve a second chance to learn from our society. They can’t learn how to function without knowing where to start. Working at a place like Staffmark can help them get started.

About Staffmark

Staffmark is a company that wants to assign employees to businesses. They want to pair employers with those who will push their vision forward.

Staffmark started in 1970 after its name changed from CBS Personnel Services. Over the years, they have gained many staffing companies all over the country. Now, they are one of the best HR companies so far.

Over the years, Staffmark has gained many awards for its services. One has been for having the best staff and client reviews in their business. They are also proud to hold this title for seven years in a row.

Staffmark is great at having a healthcare program for its employees. They also have holiday pay for them. They also get discounts on  Verizon services and software training.

Based on many articles, people like working here for constant work. They also enjoy growing in their fields and the benefits that they have. Having flexible working hours was also a plus.

Does Staffmark Hire Felons?

According to many articles, there’s a mixture of replies. Some people say that Staffmark does not hire felons while others say they do. Of course, it all depends on which Staffmark location you’re applying to.

For those locations that hire felons, there are some conditions to follow. The employers would have to look at the type of felony committed and the time it’s been on your record. Some of their clients will accept felons.

Does Staffmark Run Background Checks?

According to our research, Staffmark does run background checks. They follow their own rules when it comes to picking the right people for the job. Included in this check is drug testing too.

During this check, they always check your criminal history. They focus more on that to determine what type of crime you have committed. Any crime that is extreme can damage the company.

Careers At Staffmark

Staffmark has many jobs available in many fields. All their positions are temp positions, but they are always looking to hire good talent.

One job position is a Machine Operator. They are responsible for working with the machines within the company. They also have to be able to handle equipment for hours on end.

Another job position is Stocker. They are responsible for loading and unloading materials. They also have to make sure that the products are fine running down the line.

Next, there’s the Shipping/Receiving Clerk job. They are responsible for keeping up with all records for each shipment. They also have to handle the shipments that come into the company.

Then, there’s the Return Specialist job. They have to take phone calls and verify data information. They also have to organize returns from clients when they come to the factory.

Finally, there’s the Assembly Worker job. They are responsible for preparing products for shipments. They also have to make sure that the products don’t have any errors.

Application Process At Staffmark

It’s simple to look for any position at Staffmark. All you have to do is go to and search for available jobs. Then, you can look for entry-level positions that you can apply for.

Prepare to show the interviewers how hard you’re willing to work on the job. Some positions, like an Assembly Worker, need long hours to complete a day’s work. If you’re willing to work hard, then they’ll be looking to hire you.

Be completely honest with your criminal history with the employers. You can try to convince them why your past will not affect your work. This is a positive way to go about your criminal history too.

Since you are a felon, you have to try your best to convince the employers that you’re a great fit for the company. You can do this by arriving at your interview early. You can also dress to impress and always keep a nice demeanor with everyone in the building.

To stay on track on the job, try joining some of the programs offered at the company. It shows that you’re willing to invest yourself into the company. It also shows your employers that the company means much more to you than they think.

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