Does Sykes Hire Felons?

Sykes is a company that’s all about making connections. They want to help their customers build better relationships with others. They do this to help them with their vision.

Felons deserve a second chance to build their network. Often enough, people say that your network is your net worth. Working at Sykes can help felons improve in their lives.

About Sykes

Sykes is a company that has great services for its people. They do this by selling engagement services for others. These help to aid the experiences in their businesses.

John Sykes founded Sykes in 1977, which was SEI at the time. Over the years, the company has evolved to become Sykes. Now, they provide technical services to help businesses reach their goals.

Sykes has a family of brands including Clearlink and Qelp. Also, they won an award for having great employers and services. They were also known for having a great human resources department.

Sykes offers benefit plans for their employees. The plans can include many forms of insurance, like for your life and pets. They also have identity theft safety.

Employees at Sykes like the challenging work and working from home. They also like choosing their hours and having fun on the job.

Does Sykes Hire Felons?

According to our research, there’s a mixture of reviews on whether Sykes hires felons. Some articles say that they do, while others say that they don’t. It’s safe to assume that it depends on which location you apply to.

For those that do hire felons, they go through a thorough process. They must prove that they’re willing to work hard while doing the job.

Does Sykes Run Background Checks?

According to many articles, Sykes does perform background checks. These checks cover many areas and you have to pass all them to get the job.

During these checks, they look into your criminal and education history. This takes some time to finish and they are free.  They also do these checks while applying.

Careers At Sykes

A person working at Sykes needs discipline and organization. Having these will allow you to do any job within the company.

One job is a Customer Service Representative. Their job is to answer questions customers have. They also make reports about the issues they have.

Another job is a Technical Support Representative. Their job is to help customers with issues with their web products.

Next, there’s the Work From Home Customer Support Agent. They have the same duties as the Customer Service Representative. They only have to manage themselves to get work done at home.

Then, there’s the Team Leader job. They are responsible for looking over other team members. They also have to manage performance accounts for others.

Finally, there’s the OMD Analyst job. They are responsible for preparing reports for the company. They also have to keep those reports organized and ready for use.

Application Process At Sykes

Applying for any job at Sykes is simple and effortless. All you have to do is go to the website Here, you can pick the location you want to work in and apply for any job you please.

When interviewing with Sykes, be sure to have some type of knowledge of the company. You want to seem interested in the company if you want to land the job. This will get your foot in the door and also impress the employers.

Also when interviewing with the company, be sure to have an interest in something they do. For example, Sykes has plans to save the environment. If you like these types of things, then make it known during the interview.

When working at Sykes, be sure to have more than one interest for yourself. This is so you can contribute to your job in many ways. This will make you a valuable employee at the company and make them want to keep you on board.

In your application, be sure to mention an interest in technology. Since this is a technological company, they would like to see you have an interest in their products.

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