Does Sysco Hire Felons?

Sysco is an American based wholesale company that focuses on building partnerships by selling, marketing, and distributing products and food to establishments and companies such as restaurants, and facilities.

Felons are people with felony convictions on their records. While some felonies may be expunged from a criminal record, this is not a guarantee for all cases. This is often a hindrance to employment and employment is an essential factor in starting a new life. When felons are denied employment they are also being denied a second chance which many tend to overlook.

About Sysco

Sysco is an acronym for Systems and Services Company. They provide systems and services to many companies and are one of the leading food providers for restaurants and businesses. They offer a variety of food products ranging from meats, seafoods, and desserts. Their recipes are also available on their website.

Sysco was founded in 1969 by John Baugh, Harry Rosenthal, and Herbert Irving. As of 2018, the Sysco is overlooked by CEO Tom Bene and their main headquarters remains in Houston, Texas.

Today, Sysco has over 69,000 employees. Annually, the company recognizes their top business partners by taking part in the Top Suppliers and Names McCormick US Branded Flavor Solutions Supplier of the Year.

Being a service supplier themselves, Sysco offers a wide range of benefits for their employees to enjoy. Benefits include entities such as the standard 401k, Insurance for health, dental, medical, and vision, as well as paid time off and flexible spending accounts and retirement plans.

Many people enjoy their time working with Sysco not only because of the pay and benefits but also because of the management. Sysco is a world class distributor and is required to have uniform values which is reflected by the way in which employees are treated from branch to branch. Employees feel valued at their jobs with Sysco.

Does Sysco Hire Felons?

After comparing notes from different employee testimonies, and different third-party websites, it does appear that Sysco is felon friendly.

Most companies hire on a case to case basis. Sysco looks at not only criminal records, but also takes into consideration how many charges and how long ago they were. Generally, if it is evident that you are taking steps to a better life, it will reflect on your record.

Does Sysco Run Background Checks?

Yes, Sysco Runs background checks. Most company background checks go back seven years. Sysco looks at all criminal history. They are also keen on asking personally about their findings on these checks.

Additionally, Sysco also has pre-employment screening. As part of their pre-employment screening, applicants are required to submit to a drug test via urine sample to be analyzed at their labs.

Careers at Sysco

Careers at Sysco can be browsed on their website. Here you can find a list of openings and filter them out by department, location, and job function. Here is a list of the top entry level positions at Sysco:

Delivery Driver. Delivery Drivers are a big part of the operation as they transport products from one location to another. No formal education is required for this position other than a high school diploma or equivalent.

Delivery Drivers must be able to make frequent stops from location to location, and have accurate communication skills to aid transparency. If you are applying for this position with a DUI keep in mind that DUIs must have elapsed three years in order to be considered.

Driver Helper. Driver Helpers are meant to assist the drivers on their trips. Since distracting activities while driving is both dangerous and illegal, the Driver Helper takes care of all tasks such as corresponding with customers, and tracking trip progress.

Warehouse Order Selector. Warehouse Order Selectors are also essential to the operation. They are in charge of putting together customer orders and keeping the warehouse in an orderly fashion.

Duties of a Warehouse Order Selector include finding products, labelling product boxes, and being able to load and unload products using a fork lift. Order Selectors must know the ins and outs of their warehouse in order to get the job done quickly.

Application Process at Sysco

Sysco has a website where applicants may submit their applications online. Click here to view Sysco job openings near you and to submit your applications.

The typical hiring and application process at Sysco takes anywhere between four to eight weeks before getting hired. Therefore, patience and persistence is key.

When applying be sure to attach a copy of your resume. To write an effective resume be sure to search the requirements of the job you are applying for and adjust your resume to better fit the job description. Include things like skills, past job experiences, and any notable awards.

When being called for an interview always bring extra copies of your resume. It is not always the case that the person interviewing you has already looked at your resume. Bringing extra copies makes you look more prepared and creates a good impression.

Lastly, do not lie on your interview. Background checks are part of the application and hiring process and anything regarding your criminal record will inevitably come up. Be honest and show your potential to grow.

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