Does Target Hire Felons?

Target is a retail store. They sell many items at stores and online. The store also delivers items that people buy online.

Felons leave prison because they have paid their debt to society. They need a chance to show they are ready to give back. Employers who offer them entry level jobs are giving them a chance to prove that.

About Target

Target sells many items, from furniture to groceries to clothes. They have school supplies and entertainment items like books. Target prepares and sells food, as well as electronics, party supplies, and more.

George Draper Dayton founded Target in 1902. Before that, he worked in banking and real estate. He called it the Dayton Dry Goods Company. The name later changed to Target.

The company has over 1,800 stores with more than 350,000 workers in the United States. They have 41 distribution centers and own 41 different brands. They make over $75 billion per year.

Target has medical, vision, and dental plans that workers can enroll in. The exact benefits seem to vary, depending on the job.

People like to work at target because it is inclusive. They set high standards for everyone, but it is rewarding to meet those standards. It has a positive work culture and chances to get better jobs.

Does Target Hire Felons?

To learn about who Target will hire, we went to their corporate site. We searched their press releases. One release described their background check and hiring policy.

Target considers what happened with each felony. They also look at whether it seems like the felon will commit another crime. This means that they may hire felons.

Does Target Run Background Checks?

To learn about background check policies, we looked at a press release. The 2018 release says that they run background checks.

Target does not ask about felonies in the application. It runs criminal background checks at the end of the hiring process. Applicants can include information about the conviction. This can be evidence of rehabilitation, mitigating factors, and more.

Careers At Target

Target jobs can be in stores or corporate offices. Most entry level jobs will be at stores or in Target warehouses.

Maintenance workers (maintenance mechanic 1) upkeep the stores. They do basic plumbing, carpentry, and electrical. Their job is to fix things like conveyor belts. They can apply for a promotion to maintenance mechanic 2.

In Target stores, there are jobs in many teams. Many jobs are on the food and beverage team. Food and beverage team members are efficient and keep inventory. They deal with customers and safely make food.

One of the most common jobs is a front of store worker and cashier. Target calls these workers “guest advocates.” They help customers check out and provide a good experience to get loyal customers.

Target also has “security specialists.” These are floor workers who help customers find products. This includes lifting and carrying things for customers. Workers also watch security cameras and catch shoplifters.

Most Target jobs are in stores, but some are in warehouses. Hourly warehouse operations workers learn step-by-step processes to safely move freight. Workers use computer systems and equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks.

Application Process at Target

To apply at Target, go to Type your location and hit the search button. Another page will come up with more search options you can type or check off.

Target claims that they do not ask about felonies at the beginning of the hiring process. Focus on filling in correct information and showing them that you are a good candidate.

When applying, job seekers should mention any past experience that may help with the job. They should look at the job description to see what the company wants for that specific job.

It is not clear if a felony will come up in an interview or after they send a job offer. If it does come up during an interview, applicants should be truthful and show they are reformed.

Many entry level jobs here have chances to advance. They provide training, so new employees can use this chance to learn skills and get higher level jobs. This is a good chance for a career.

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