Does Teleperformance Hire Felons?

Teleperformance is a company in the technology industry. They want to make the world of communication better one client at a time.

Felons need a second chance to make their voices heard. Sometimes, society leaves them out due to their past criminal history. Working at this company can help them speak their minds.

About Teleperformance

This is a business that helps with online translation. They do this by having services that will help with customer service. They want to make things easier for their customers.

Based on our research, Teleperformance started back in 1978. They have grown to help companies online over the years. Now, they are one of the leading customer experience firms so far.

Teleperformance has over 300,000 team members in 80 countries. They have won awards for being a great place to work and being diverse. They have also won awards for their technological finds.

The perks this company has is time off and flexible work hours. They also offer protection for their people’s lives and futures. Many educational programs are there for them too that they can take at any time.

According to many people, they enjoyed working at this company for productivity. They are always getting work done on time. They also like the nice people they work with every day.

Does Teleperformance Hire Felons?

According to many sources, Teleperformance does hire felons. They are strict on their policy for hiring felons. There are specific tests you have to pass to get hired.

To get hired, you’ll have to be honest about your record. They may hire people with non-violent offenses. Others may not pass the application process.

Does Teleperformance Run Background Checks?

According to our research, Teleperformance does run background checks. It covers many areas, like your felonies. They want to make sure they hire people who will get the job done with no issues.

They perform the check through the Federal Background Check and Drug testing system. You have to pass all the parts to get hired by the company.

Careers at Teleperformance

The only job that you can have is a Customer Care Professional. These people have to talk with customers and help solve problems that may occur. They also help customers understand the different products that they may need.

To perform this job, you have to gain some Contact Center experience. This is important to have because you have to know how to answer customer’s calls when they need help. You have to answer in a way that will show great customer service.

Also, you have to learn how to use problem-solving skills. Since you’ll always be solving customer problems, you have to show them that you can help them.

Plus, you have to have oral and written communication skills. You’re not only talking to customers. You’re also writing reports on their problems too.

Basic computer skills are a must-have for this job. You’ll have to input data into the computer that’s about your customers.

Finally, you’ll have to be able to work in a team to work at this company. You’ll be working with other professionals to finish tasks and solve problems every day.

Application Process At Teleperformance

Applying for Teleperformance is simple. Since there are only three jobs open, you can go to From there, you can pick the job that you qualify for.

On your resume, be sure to include your typing speed for the employers to see. This job requires you to type at least 25 wpm to get the job. This is because you will always be working on the computer to complete tasks.

During the interview, they may ask you some scenario questions. Be sure to answer these questions using logic and reasoning.

Before the interview, be sure to practice your professional skills. That way, they’ll know that you are serious about the job.

While on the job, be sure to show that you can think on your feet. This is crucial to get the job done and move on to the next task available. This is especially true when surprise problems pop up and you have to think of a solution fast.

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