Does T-Mobile Hire Felons?

T-Mobile is a cell service company that sells smartphones and plans. They like to call themselves the “un-carrier” This company has many different positions.

Companies should hire felons because they have already finished their sentences. Their punishment should not continue after they leave prison. The justice system should work like this.

About T-Mobile

T-Mobile sells cell service plans. They have a worldwide 5g network. They also sell smartphones to go with their phone plans.

The company started in 1994 as VoiceStream Wireless PCS.  The company started to grow when John Legere became CEO in 2012.

By the end of 2018, T-Mobile had over 50,000 employees, over 80 million customers, and made over $40 billion in revenue. In 2019 they won many awards including a JD Power award. They also won Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion and Best Workplaces for Women.

T-Mobile offers many benefits to its employees. These include health coverage, tuition help, and paid vacation. They even provide some medical support for part-time employees.

They push to have a fun and diverse work environment. Their employees like working there because of their inclusivity and benefits.

Does T-Mobile Hire Felons?

T-Mobile does not answer this question on their website. I could not find a good answer in my research. Sometimes they have hired felons and sometimes they have not.

T-Mobile says they are an Equal Opportunity Employer. They cannot discriminate when hiring. They cannot refuse someone because of a criminal record.

Does T-Mobile Run Background Checks?

T-Mobile does not talk about it on their website but does run background checks. I had to look elsewhere to see what kind of checks they run and it is not very clear.

It seems what the background checks covers can vary from state to state. They perform the check after an interview and before hiring.

Careers At T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers positions at different skill and experience levels. They have benefits at all levels, including part-time.

One of the most common positions is Mobile Expert which is their entry retail position. You would work at one of their store locations and help customers. There is the opportunity to move into lower-level management

The Associate Expert position works with customer care. You would work at their call center and help answer customer questions. T-Mobile gives paid training and opportunities to advance.

There is also a Retail Sales Associate position offered by Metro by T-Mobile. Like their Mobile Expert position, you would be working with customers. This position also offers paid training and opportunity for advancement.

They also have lower manager positions. You would be able to work with the store manager to lead and solve problems. While this is not an entry-level position it would not be difficult to move up.

They offer many different internships for college students. They base the types of internships on your degree. These internships work for students in college and recent graduates.

Application Process at T-Mobile

First, you will create an online account and then search for open positions. Next, you will apply using their online application. You may need to complete an assessment. If they accept your application you will get an interview.

Be honest on your application. Listing a felony charge can hurt you but lying will hurt you more. T-Mobile does background checks so they will find about criminal records.

T-Mobile recommends you follow them on Twitter to get updates on the company. This helps you stay informed for your interview.

Prepare for questions about your past experiences. Make sure your experience is relevant to the position. Remember to be honest in your answers.

Prepare some questions to ask your interviewer. T-Mobile encourages applicants to ask about their work environment.

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