Does Toyota Hire Felons?

Toyota is a car manufacturing company that aims to provide the best up-to-date and safest in the automobile industry.

Felons deserve a second chance, not because of what they have done, but what they will do. A convicted felon is just as capable, if not more so, at doing a job well. If a company chooses to not employ someone because of their past alone, what does that say about the employer?

About Toyota

Toyota is a car manufacturing and sale company. They create hybrids, SUV’s, and other car types. Customers can also use Toyota’s trade-in service to get a better deal on their vehicle.

Kiichiro Toyoda founded the company in Japan in 1937; however, Toyota Motor Sales in the U.S. was founded in 1957.

Since the company is a global one, they have career sites in the USA, Canada, and Japan. The company site states that Toyota has the longest lasting vehicles of any full-line manufacturer. Toyota also has over 137,000 employees in the U.S.

Benefits include but are not limited to a 401K plan, paid holidays, life insurance, a company pension plan, and paid sick leave.

People like working here because of the friendly environment. The career site says that Toyota was voted the #1 automaker in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Company List.

Does Toyota Hire Felons?

After conducting research, we have concluded that due to conflicting information it depends on the physical location of the applicant whether the company hires the felon or not.

Another factor in hiring is what field the felon would like to enter. One testimonial stated a call center employee could not be a felon. Another story stated that the customer bought their car from a salesman who was a convicted felon.

Does Toyota run background checks?

According to the company career site, Toyota does require a background check for each applicant. These are conducted towards the end of the application process.

A Toyota background check looks for any past offenses, especially felonies, and will take a few days for the check to be processed.

Careers At Toyota

There are six different areas applicants can look to on the career website for employment: Customer Service, Engineering & Manufacturing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, & Treasury Departments, Information Systems & Information Technology, Students, and Technician Training. Furthur job descriptions can be found on their career search site.

Customer Service employees are the people who keep a relationship with the company’s customers. They provide a great environment for customers.

Engineering & Manufacturing employees do most of the hand-on work, along with technician training. They help build the automobiles that give Toyota the esteem it has.

Finance, Accounting, Banking, & Treasury Departments do a majority of the behind the scenes business portion of the company. They help create the ideas behind some of the reasons why Toyota is the established business it is today

Information Systems & Information Technology employees also work behind the scenes, handling the more intricate technological parts of the ideas they want to put in place.

Technician Training employees also do hands-on work.

Application Process At Toyota

On the company careers site, they have provided a step-by-step guide to applying. First, applicants must answer questions on the online application and attach either a PDF file or Word document resume. Next, the company will email the applicant confirming that the application was received. If they see potential in the applicant, they will conduct an interview by phone followed by more interviews. If selected they will send an offer, pending that the background check and drug screens pass.

The first tip in applying for Toyota is knowing they pride themselves in being the safest automobile manufacturer in the business. They want to know they can trust their employees to uphold those same standards. The felon needs to show that they can be calm and focused.

Another thing to consider as a felon when applying is that not all Toyota locations and positions hire felons. Make sure on the application to be honest about the felony up front. Then, show what assets you can bring to the table in terms of employment. Because other locations and positions hire felons, there is a possibility for the applicant to be considered.

Since Toyota is mainly a hands-on employment company, the applicant must be able to follow direction well, as long as be able to handle the pressure of dealing with that kind of atmosphere.

A final word concerning a felon applying for a position at Toyota is to understand and know the type of environment Toyota aims to create. If the applicant feels they can not work in a customer-friendly, go-getter environment, then this is not the place for them.

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