Does Transcom Hire Felons?

Transcom is a global outsourcing agency based in Sweden. The company provides customer care, technical support, and fields collection calls.

Transcom has access to a large number of global applicants. The question here is if Transcom taps into candidates who may have a felony background. Doing so would give a second chance to many people who are already valuable members of society.

About Transcom

Transcom is a global Swedish company offering business outsourcing. The company focuses on hiring local talent and using integrated technology to provide various customer service options to its clients.

Founded in 1995, the Swedish company opened its HQ in Stockholm. In 2017 the investment firm, Altor, became the primary shareholder. Transcom began expanding soon after its founding. Before Altor acquired its shares, the company purchased NuComm. Today, Transcom Worldwide operates in 21 countries.

The company uses a vast network of contact centers and at-home agents to help its global presence. These employees enjoy many benefits. Besides the competitive pay, many employees enjoy medical insurance as well. Employees are also able to work from the comfort of their own homes.

Current and past employees also enjoy flexible schedules and laid back atmosphere. They are often labeling these factors as reasons why they loved working for the company.

Does Transcom Hire Felons?

Based on research from the company website, employees, and other sources, the answer is: Yes. Transcom is felon friendly. However, the company does not treat all past felonies the same. Companies disqualify candidates from positions where they are at higher risk.

Does Transcom Run Background Checks?

This company does perform pre-employment background checks as part of its application process. The background check shows felonies and misdemeanors for at least the past seven years. This information was found through research on the company website, and from input taken from current and former employees and applicants.

Careers At Transcom

Transcom is an enormous employer with a massive range of jobs. We have listed a few of the most common ones below. The most common position at Transcom is the customer service representative (CSR). CSRs provide basic customer service and is often an at-home position. Requirements include a home office and fast internet.

Providing support and troubleshooting, Technical Support Specialists are a vital part of the organization. This position is also an at-home position and requires a home office and a positive attitude!

Another commonly seen job,  social media experts are responsible for the online presence of the company. Requirements include creativity and writing skills. Team Leader is a slightly more advanced position at the company.

Team Leaders are responsible for the monitoring and performance of a CSR team. Interested candidates should be comfortable in conflict management and have leadership skills.

Lastly, logistics coordinators are responsible for communications related to packages and deliveries. Interested candidates should be willing to work full-time and have excellent computer skills.

Application Process at Transom

The application process at Transcom is straightforward. Interested applicants should go to the company’s career website which can be found here. From there you can select the correct region and find any job openings. We have listed a few tips for the application and interview process below:

Make sure to fill out the company application in its entirety. Transcom employees often mention the length of the questionnaire as a drawback. However, an incomplete application will almost certainly be discarded.

Secondly, make sure to be as honest as possible on your application and during your interview. Transcom is a felon friendly employer. Lying about your past could lead to disqualification.

Lastly, many Transcom positions are work-at-home jobs. Be sure to let the interviewer know you have a dedicated workspace, free of distractions and noises.

Following these tips will help you during the application process with Transcom!

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