Does Trugreen Hire Felons?

Trugreen is a leader in providing lawn care services. They also service tree and shrubbery maintenance and mosquito repellent services as well.

A felony can be a huge detriment to you social and professional life and can prevent you from gaining good employment. Felons deserve a chance to start over and be productive in society.

About Trugreen

Trugreen key business area is in the lawn care industry providing customers with fast and effective landscaping for a low price. Also offering chemical treatments for your lawn they can keep your lawn green and healthy year-round.

Trugreen was founded in 1973 in Troy, Michigan. The company utilizes PhD certified agronomists to understand the scientific details of what your lawn and garden needs.

Trugreen is America’s number 1 lawn care provider and has branches throughout the United States. Having the reach of being in 46 different states throughout the country and having over 3.4 million commercial customers.

Trugreen offers benefits such as health insurance, dental insurance, flexible spending, vision, life insurance, supplemental life insurance and disability insurance. This great package makes Trugreen a great place to work.

People like working at Trugreen for the benefits first and foremost, however, the customer service aspect is key as well. Many customers are customers year-round and become a part of the Trugreen community.

Does Trugreen Hire Felons?

From what we could find through research Trugreen will not hire felons. There are reports of them hiring new employees that have a misdemeanor, however. This does not automatically bar you from employment.

Persistence and qualifying job skills can be a great asset in trying to get hired by Trugreen. Though they do not hire felons from what we can find, they do not have a policy against it either. Be persistent and make sure your resume is spot on when applying.

Does Trugreen Run Background Checks?

According to research, Trugreen does run a background check on all applicants as is the case with most companies. The scope of this check differs from job to job, however, and knowing this can help you in applying.

The scope of the background check is determined by the position as stated above. Typically, employers look at the last 7 to 10 years of your criminal history. Violent offenses and theft being the biggest concern by Trugreen.

Careers at Trugreen

Working at Trugreen can be physically demanding so it is important to know what your limitations are. There is also the factor of having attention to detail. There are different avenues you can take with Trugreen as far as position is concerned and we have highlighted a few for you.

Lawn Specialist

The lawn specialist is responsible for mowing, trimming and applying chemical treatments to the customers lawn. This position requires heavy lifting and some minor knowledge of machinery and equipment.

Warehouse Technician

This duty stays at the shop for the most part. Requiring you to make minor repairs on equipment such as mowers, trucks and other warehouse responsibilities. You will also be responsible for filling trucks with fuel and any chemical treatment the vehicle is performing that day.

Pest Control Representative

In this position you are the face of the pest control aspect of the business. You will need to maintain a tight schedule throughout the day as you make a route applying pest repellant treatment to customer properties.

Contact Center Sales Representative

As a Center Sales Representative you will be responsible for making and receiving calls to sell or upsell products and services to both new clients and existing clients. Training is provided but a strong ability in customer service goes a long way in this position.

Business Development Representative

In this position it will be your responsibility to sell or upsell to commercial clients. This position is a vital part of the business flow for the company and it will be your responsibility to perform your job well.

Application Process at Trugreen

To apply at Trugreen simply head over to their careers page here. Once you are there you can search for different varieties of jobs from sales to lawn care specialists. The careers page also allows you to search by city which is useful when looking for work in a specific area.

It is not good to lie on an application about your felony. The background check will show your felony regardless. It is always better to just be honest with them since lying and being caught will most certainly result in you not getting hired.

If your felony is brought up in your interview just be honest. Tell them that it was a mistake you made in the past and that it will not affect your performance of your job.

Attention to detail at Trugreen is crucial. It is always better to do it right the first time rather than risking an unhappy customer. The quality of the work you perform will determine if Trugreen will get to work for the customer again.

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