Does Uline Hire Felons?

Uline is an American retailer of shipping and warehousing supplies for businesses. They pride themselves on being a family-owned business.

More companies should practice keeping an open mind when it comes to hiring felons. Many former felons are hard workers who are reading and willing to give their best as an employee. By giving felons a fair chance at being hired, businesses are increasing the likelihood that they will hire the person most qualified for the job.

About Uline

Uline is a North American retailer known for their shipping, packaging and industrial supply distribution which sells exclusively to businesses. In recent years they have also added retail products that include safety and material handling, or order to continue meeting customer needs.

Uline was founded in 1980, in the basement of Liz and Dick Uihlein. This small, family-run business eventually became successful beyond their imagination.

Since they sell exclusively to businesses, Uline does not operate any retail store. All of their locations, aside from their headquarters, are distribution centers. They make their sales via their 750+ page paper and online catalogs. They have over 6,000 employees and locations throughout the United States.

Employees of Uline can be eligible to receive benefits that include complete healthcare coverage, flexible spending accounts, employee assistance programs, paid time off, paid holidays, performance bonuses, retirement savings plans, college scholarship opportunities for children of employees, and more.

Employees of Uline rave about the work culture there, as it is supportive and fast-paced. They also like the good pay and great benefits provided by the company.

Does Uline Hire Felons?

Based on our research, it seems that Uline does hire felons. From the information we found, the type of felony committed and the job you are applying for may play a role in influencing their hiring decision.

Hiring policies can change over time. This answer was given by considering the information that is currently available. As always, it is best practice to be honest about past crimes with an employer.

Does Uline run background checks?

Based on our research, it seems that Uline does run background checks on their employees. These background checks will look into any criminal history and possibly a credit check as well, depending on the position being applied to.

A background check will occur after the interview and offer of employment. A background check will be run before an employee can begin working at the company

Careers At Uline

Known for their thorough hiring process, many employees say the high standards of hiring are worth it. Working at Uline means high expectations and a high level of support from the company. If this seems like the kind of work environment you are into, check out 5 of the most common positions you can find at the company.

Material Handler: Responsibilities include packing and shipping orders, getting certified on a number of different industrial equipment, receiving and putting away stock quickly and accurately, and other related tasks.

Order Picker: Responsibilities include picking, packing and shipping orders, contributing to daily warehouse operations, and other related tasks.

Warehouse Administrative Assistant: Responsibilities include providing administrative support to Distribution Management, entering data, creating spreadsheets, processing business communications, and other related tasks.

Warehouse Associate (night shift): Responsibilities include contributing to company’s overnight inbound warehouse operations, receiving and putting away night stock quickly and accurately, unloading trailers, and other related tasks.

Sale Executive Administrative Assistant: Responsibilities include providing administrative support to the sales representative team, placing orders and quotes for customers, obtaining pricing and request quotes for vendors, and other related tasks.

Application Process At Uline

Interested in applying to a job at Uline? You can search available positions by visiting and completing an online application. A typical hiring process will include a number of assessments to tests your personality traits and skills, interviews, background checks, and drug tests.

During the interview, you can expect fairly common interview questions to be asked. The interviewer may ask about previous work experience, where you see yourself in the next few years, your career goals, and other related questions.

If given “what if” scenario questions, try to refer back to a real world situation where you faced a similar problem. Talk about how you successfully solved the problem.

Be sure that all of the information on your application and resume is accurate. Uline will most likely call all of the references you have listed, so be sure the people you list will speak positively of you.

It is important to be honest about past crimes during your interview, as the company will most likely find them during their background check. Being upfront gives you the chance to explain what happened on your own terms. It also gives you the chance to explain how you have changed and consider yourself qualified for the position based on who you are today.

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