Does Union Pacific Hire Felons?

Union Pacific is a railroad company dealing in the transportation of many different items. They assist companies with shipping needs throughout the country.

Not all companies are willing to hire workers with a felony conviction. If you’re having trouble finding work, don’t give up. There are companies out there willing to give you a second chance.

About Union Pacific

Union Pacific is a major player in transportation. They ship food, agricultural products, coal, industrial chemicals, and almost anything else you can think of.

The company was founded in 1862. Although the railroad was built by thousands of men, construction was led by Thomas C. Durant. Durant was the vice president of Union Pacific and in charge of construction.

Union Pacific covers over 32,000 miles of railroad track. They are one of the countries leading transport companies. They employ over 42,000 workers that help to keep the railroad running smoothly.

Employees of Union Pacific have access to health insurance and prescription insurance. The company offers a 401K as well as retirement planning. They also offer maternity/parental leave, among other benefits.

People enjoy working for Union Pacific because of the family-like atmosphere. The company takes good care of their employees, and offers many training opportunities. This allows the workers to continue to grow in their career.

Does Union Pacific Hire Felons?

Based on online research, it appears that Union Pacific does not hire felons. Several sources state that the company will not consider hiring someone with a felony on their record.

Although sources say that Union Pacific does not hire felons, it is possible that hiring practices differ at certain locations. The amount of time that has passed since a conviction could also be a deciding factor in their hiring.

Does Union Pacific Run Background Checks?

Yes, Union Pacific will require a background check if they are considering you for a job. Background checks can include past convictions for felony or misdemeanor offenses.

The background check will be performed before the company makes the decision to hire. It is possible that Union Pacific does not look at history older than seven years old.

Careers At Union Pacific

Union Pacific covers a large amount of ground. With over 42,000 workers, they offer many different jobs. Some require more skill, while others are open to entry-level applicants.

A Mechanical Service operator moves locomotives to tracks for them to be serviced. This would include manual labor and forklift operation.

A Track Laborer at Union Pacific works directly on the building of railroad track. This  includes any repairs to the track that need made.

A Customer Care and Support person deals with the administrative side of the business. Answering calls, answering questions and dealing with complaints.

A Crew dispatcher is in charge of dispatching trains. They also dispatch workers and crews to their job assignments.

Union Pacific also offers several different internships. Some are administrative, while others deal with environmental issues. Students may be eligible for some of these internships.

Application Process At Union Pacific

The first step to apply for a job at Union Pacific would be to search for jobs online. You can find different jobs available with the company at their website here:  Welcome to Union Pacific Careers

The application process for large companies such as Union Pacific can be long and tedious. Make sure to take your time and fill out all paperwork to the best of your knowledge.

Union Pacific will conduct a background check so be sure to be transparent about any criminal history you may have.

Some positions will require a college degree or a skilled trade. Be sure to apply for a position that you are eligible for. There are entry-level positions within the company.

If you are hired on with the company there will be additional steps.Be prepared to take a drug test. Also be prepared to take part in training once you are hired.

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