Does UPS Hire Felons?

UPS is a delivery company. They take packages from one place to another for a fee. This company may hire felons.

A felony is breaking a society’s rules. Jail time is how felons get back the right to be part of that society. Working is one of the basic parts of being in a society.

About UPS

UPS delivers packages. They have tracking and customer support. This means that customers can go online and keep track of where their package is while they wait for it to get to them.

UPS started as a messenger company in the United States. It was founded in 1907, and is now a global company.

This company is now a multi-billion-dollar corporation. It is the world’s largest package delivery company, and operates in over 200 countries. They have 399,000 workers in the Unites States and over 480,000 in the world.

Jobs with this company have benefits for both full-time and part-time workers. Their company website highlights the tuition help they offer. Entry level workers get medical, dental, and vision benefits after a year.

UPS is committed to training workers. Many workers get promoted from part time to full time within a year. The company puts effort into their workers, and workers know that UPS will reward their work.

Does UPS Hire Felons?

UPS may hire felons. In some states, companies cannot ask about criminal convictions before offering employment. After that, they often cannot consider the offense when hiring unless it happened within 7 years.

To learn if UPS will hire a felon for a job, read each job description. At the bottom, it should describe hiring policies. It may mention a hiring law. If it does, click the link to learn about it.

Does UPS Run Background Checks?

We did not find mention of background checks on UPS’ website. That said, other online sources say that UPS runs background checks.

These checks search for criminal record and driving history. In many places, they cannot do the check until they give a conditional offer of employment. There will be a statement at the bottom of the job description saying if this is the case.

Careers At UPS

UPS has great opportunities for advancement. Workers get promoted from part time to full time jobs often. There is training and tuition help.

Many entry level workers handle packages in warehouses. Package handlers get paid hourly, and have a relaxed dress code. Part time handlers work short 3 ½ to 4 hour shifts moving packages that weight up to 70 pounds.

Other entry level UPS workers may be drivers. Package delivery drivers spend a lot of time bending and lifting 25-35 pound packages. They may have to lift 70 pound packages. They also deal with customers.

Other drivers are linehaul drivers. There are several jobs that involve driving tractor trailers. These workers transport freight and need a CDL license.

UPS hires dockworkers. They move freight in and out of boxes, often using a forklift. The job does not need forklift experience, though it is helpful.

Some dockworkers need a CDL license. For these jobs, they load freight and use forklifts. They also pick up and deliver freight, so they must meet appearance requirements

Application Process at UPS

To apply for a UPS job, go to Click “Search jobs” in the top right corner without entering any search terms. Then, use the drop downs that come up to search for a job.

Be honest in the application. Some applications may ask about felonies, and some may not. UPS has an inclusive hiring policy, so lying will not accomplish anything.

At the interview, applications should show that they are a fit for the job. A felony record is not the first thing UPS looks for, and should not be the first thing the applicant thinks of, either.

If the felony comes up during the interview, give a brief and true statement of what happened. The interviewee should take responsibility and also show that they have changed. The interviewer needs to know they can trust the potential worker.

UPS rewards hard work. If the candidate gets the job, they should show that they are dedicated to the company. If they are invested in the company, the company will be invested in them.

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